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Tuned In: Shaggy And Kat DeLuna Shake It To “Dame” On Leno

If there was ever a song to make you wish you were at a beach party in the middle of the summer, sun setting over the ocean and pina colada in hand, dancing until sunrise with your honey, it’s Shaggy‘s “Dame.” Performing last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Shaggy was joined on stage by Kat DeLuna who, aside from singing, did some pretty hypnotizing hip shaking. From Shaggy’s latest album Summer Kingston, we’re thinking “Dame” is going to be a dance floor hit — and with Shaggy and Kat’s moves for inspiration, there’s really no excuse not to get low.

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Tuned In: Shaggy Brings His “Sugarcane” To Lopez Tonight

The late night shows had particularly strong musical performances yesterday. Eels on Letterman, Train on Leno, The Features on Kimmel, and Matt and Kim on Fallon all turned in great renditions of their singles. These records have all been out for a minute, though (except the Features’ Wilderness, but they’ve been playing “Golden Comb” since 2009).

Sometimes it’s nice to hear a (nearly) brand new song on television, and that’s why we have to hand the night to Shaggy. “Sugarcane,” which he performed on Lopez Tonight, is very much in the vein of his previous hits “Boombastic” and “It Wasn’t Me”: a charmingly bawdy summery reggae single (sample lyric: “She likes the taste of my sugarcane”). In interviews with Billboard and with Rolling Stone, he’s contrasted his music with that of more explicitly lewd dancehall artists like Vybz Kartel, which strikes us as a bit backwards, like saying you like rap “but none of that gangster stuff.” But it’s tough enough to break through in the United States with Jamaican music, and if that’s the angle he needs, more power to him. “Sugarcane” isn’t about to top the charts (sorry, Shaggy), but it may have modest success, and it was certainly just the thing for Tuesday’s late night lineup.

Elsewhere on late night…

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