Who Won These Epic Ballad Battles And Romantic Musical Duels?

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Yesterday was Brandy Norwood‘s 35th birthday. We have to say, we’re a little shocked. It feels like Brandy’s been in the game so long she could have been 100. To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at her musical duel with Monica, “The Boy Is Mine” and we’re going to decide once and for all who won that fight. And it’s not just Brandy vs Monica we’re concerned with today. We’re going head to head for Usher vs R. Kelly, Beyonce vs Shakira, Michael Jackson vs Paul McCartney and a host of other iconic romantic song battles. Want to know who came out on top? Check out our rankings after the jump. Read more…

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20 Times Shakira’s Abs Were The 8th Wonder Of The World

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Happy 37th birthday to Shakira and her impeccable abs that’s just will not quit. Even after carrying two children, Shakira’s abdominals are still the 8th wonder of the world, the likes of which we haven’t seen rivaled by anyone else since Britney circa “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”And even as she approaches forty, her abs show no signs of waning in their glory.

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Rihanna And Shakira Celebrate Their Sexiness In “Can’t Remember To Forget You” Video

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Need a boost of sexiness this Friday? The official video for the Shakira and Rihanna duet, “Can’t Remember To Forget You,” is here! And while the song itself may leave much to be desired, the video follows some familiar steps in the Sexy Female Duets rulebook. The clip is set in a mysterious mansion with Shakira employing some creative cover-ups in murky (bath?) water that somehow just appears (see: Shakira and Beyoncé‘s “Beautiful Liar,” which also relies heavily on the elements). Rihanna gets to do a long runway strut and sassy pose, and later attempts to out-booty the original rumpshaker. Then they both celebrate their success with some Cubans, because looking that good is hard work.

Rihanna Shakira Can't Remember To Forget You

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