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What’s Right And Wrong About The 2015 ‘Best Metal Performance’ Grammy Award Nominees

Heavy metal and the Grammys Awards. They go together like peanut butter and tuna fish.  No matter how hard they try, and honestly – they’ve never tried that hard, they can’t get it right.  Whether they’re ignoring the genre’s most important artists at their artistic peak, or giving them token awards past their prime, it’s at best too little, too late. And unfortunately, for the most part this year’s nominees for ‘Best Metal Performance’ are more of the same. Read more…

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‘That Metal Show’ Hosts Eddie, Don And Jim Share Their Top 5 Metal Albums Of The Year


The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah started last night and Christmas is just a week away so what better time to stuff your stockings with the gift that keeps on giving, that’s right, HEAVY F**KING METAL! And who better to tell you about the greatest metal albums of the year than Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, the hosts of That Metal Show, the only show on television about all things heavy metal and hard rock. Whether your tastes run from old schoolers like Judas Priest and Ace Frehely, or newer bands such as Kyng or King 810, it’s been a great year for loud guitars and killer riffs. See what albums the TMS boys rocked to in 2014 and tune in to VH1 Classic next year when That Metal Show returns. Read more…


My Dad Is Cooler Than Yours: 10 Unlikely But Awesome Heavy Metal Fathers

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Father’s Day. A time to celebrate the man who drove you to little league, taught you about life, cheered you up when you were feeling down. But what if your dad was on the road 80% of your young life, snorting lines of ants and partying with groupies and throwing TVs out of hotel windows? Well that doesn’t make him a bad person, or a bad father – does it? Sure, “normal” dads may have had more quantity time with their kids, but a lot of heavy metal dads had just as strong a bond with their young ‘uns (albeit in a different way) and made sure to give them everything they need to grow into decent, responsible adults. We think. And though the offspring of heavy metal legends might not be thanking their dads with a Hallmark card and a polo shirt for his big day, there’s no reason they shouldn’t celebrate them and show them how much they mean. From Ozzy to Lemmy to Tom Araya and Eddie Van Halen, these guys have all found the rock star/doting father balance. Here’s 10 Unlikely, but no less great, Metal Dads – just in time for Father’s Day.


Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre: Heavy Metal’s 13 Most Romantic Love Songs

What with tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, we’re turning our affections to the heavy metal love song. A rare species indeed. And no, we’re not talking about glam metal power ballads here, because those are anything but rare, and usually anything but metal. We’re talking about real heavy metal bands. Bands that are typically, consistently and truly heavy but aren’t afraid to show a different side. Bands that prove that beneath the hardened, aggressive, angry-as-hell exterior lies a warm, fuzzy, though perhaps blackened, center. Bands that prove that at the end of the day, we’re all human and dare we say, want to be loved. And though this form of love may be metal-infused, it is nonetheless there. From to Pantera to Slipknot, romance doesn’t seem to be a foreign concept to these dudes. So to celebrate our undying love of metal here’s a list of 13 Heavy Metal Love Songs. But don’t you dare go calling them soft.  Read more…

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Metal’s Scariest-Looking Bands: 10 Groups That Treat Every Day Like It’s Halloween!

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Ever since Screaming Jay Hawkins climbed out of a coffin to sing “I Put A Spell On You” rockers have been playing with horror imagery and singing about things that go bump in the night. Hell, most metal deals with life’s dark side, be it self-hatred, misanthropy, fear, war and bogeyman, literal or metaphoric. It only makes sense that some bands, starting with Alice Cooper in the late ‘60s and carried through the ‘70s by Kiss and up to the present day with Slipknot and Marilyn Manson, would make their appearance echo the darkness of their music. It being that scariest day of the year today, we felt it only natural to profile 10 of hard rock and heavy metal’s scariest looking bands that dress up like it’s Halloween every day of the year.

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Twelve Photos Of Metal Legends Being Totally Un-Metal

“Metal dudes are people, too!” you shout, and we hear ya, we honestly do. But here’s the thing — we like to live under the fantasy, however inaccurate, that metal dudes just do totally awesome metal stuff all the time. We want to believe that metal dudes go around biting the heads off bats, smashing guitars, sticking it to the man and headbanging ALL THE TIME. The same way we like to believe that pop stars all eat, sleep and go to the gym in their elaborate costumes, rappers freestyle battle each other in the street and country singers all know how to lasso like cowboys.

Obviously, the illusions we live under (yes, we’re twisted, we know, but being twisted is like, SO metal), are unrealistic, and we have to admit we get a perverted sense of pleasure when the wall does come down. So if you want to see what metal dudes are doing when they’re not being metal, and just being sort of, well, regular, click through to our gallery below! Beware: there are images of James Hetfield WEARING A KNITTED SCARF! Slipknot‘s Corey Taylor READING BOOKS! Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine HANGING OUT WITH A GEORGE W. BUSH IMPERSONATOR! If this is all just too much for you and all you want is to see metal guys being, like, totally metal, then check out National Metal Day on VH1 Classic, airing all day today!

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Follow Hanson All Month Long With VH1’s Posted


We hope you enjoyed spending last month with March’s VH1 Posted artist Grace Potter and the Nocturnals as much as we (and they) did, but after a whirlwind month, notably including a killer You Oughta Know Live set featuring their cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” the band has returned home to Vermont.

But time marches on! April’s VH1 Posted artist is none other than Hanson! If you’re still under the misapprehension that the brothers are a boy-band one-hit wonder, here’s a corrective-in-brief: After the massive success of 1997’s triple-Grammy-nominated Middle of Nowhere, the band toured incessantly, reissued their indie back catalog, and then recorded follow-up This Time Around. But personnel changes at Mercury during its late-1998 absorption into Island Def Jam left the band without any label support for that nonetheless critically acclaimed 2000 record. Four years years of negotiation (documented in the 2005 film Strong Enough to Break) later, Hanson and Island parted ways, and the band has continued to release modestly successful, well-reviewed records on their own label, 3CG Records?most recently 2010’s Shout It Out, featuring “Thinking ‘Bout Something” and “Give a Little”:

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