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What Are The All-Time Funniest SNL Sketches Starring Musicians?


Drake served as both the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night, marking the 27th time in the show’s 38 seasons that an individual was asked by Lorne Michaels to pull double duty; if you’re keeping score at home, Lady Gaga also did double duty back in November. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Drake act, but any traces of rustiness were not apparent when he stepped on stage in Studio 8H last night. More on his work momentarily, but first, we’re curious: What other musicians did the best job of being hilarious during sketches AND singing their faces off?

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You Might Want To Sit Down For This: The 20 Sexiest Chair Dances Of All-Time

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As it turns out, “on a chair” is an incredibly sexy place to dance. Who would have thought that such a commonplace, household object, could inspire such passionate, lusty movement? With Britney Spears as its ultimate proponent (you’ll see), the chair dance is a ubiquitous part of music video choreography.

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Looking Back On 1999: 15 Epic Music Moments Turning 15

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The year was 1999. It was the final 365 days before the Millennium and with the fear of Y2K before us, it felt like anything could happen. Maybe it was the fear that the world was going to end or just a certain amount of “carpe diem” creeping into the system but it seemed like music tastes were all over the place. Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys led the pop charge and dominated the TRL era. Latin music exploded thanks to Ricky Martin. Meanwhile, punk decided to go punk, rap decided to go rock and R&B decided to kick men to the curb. It was a year all onto itself and these are the biggest moments turning 15 as we roll into 2014.

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Got It Covered: The Hottest Album Art Of 2013

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A few days ago we gave you our list of theĀ sexiest music videos of 2013. We thought it turned out pretty well, but after thinking on it some more we realized that we couldn’t possibly forget all of the super hot cover art from this past year! From album art to single sleeves, we’ve taken a look at some of the very steamiest that the music biz has to offer, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll be pleased with the results…

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