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Steel Panther Destroy Pop Music During Rowdy Interview With Larry “Metal” King

We’d like to offer a huge round of applause to whoever does the booking for Larry King‘s show, because they gave us the unforgettable chance to watch the 81-year-old broadcasting icon interact with metal’s own Steel Panther. The band took the opportunity to share which current pop stars they’d like to sleep with, and which musicians they’re currently fighting with.

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Judas Priest And Steel Panther Finish Tour In Style With Epic On-Stage Metal Collab

Metalheads might have mixed feelings about the pairing, but there’s no denying the affection tourmates Judas Priest and Steel Panther feel for each other. This manifested itself at the final stop of their tour together when metal god Rob Halford brought the Panthers up on stage to sing their heavy metal classic “Living After Midnight,” which you can watch above. Sure when band might have helped create the world’s loudest genre and the other at times seem like ironic-interlopers, but both bands and their fans stand united in their love of heavy f–king metal.  Read more…


Nick Lachey Ditches Pop Music For Hair Metal + Steel Panther

On Big Morning Buzz Live, Nick Lachey traded in his boy band days for the hair metal world of Steel Panther. He joined the band for an epic performance of “The Burden of Being Wonderful.” We have to admit Sweet Nicky looked pretty sexy rocking alongside lead singer Michael Starr. Sadly, we don’t think Lachey will stick with the look even if it would make for a pretty great change of pace.

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