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Gwen, Nicki…Blake Lively? Iggy Azalea’s Top 10 Style-spirations

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Nothing’s new. We know this. All of our favorite artists have inspirations, but the genius is in flipping the style and making it their own! Iggy Azalea, formerly Amethyst Amelia Kelly (seriously, she could’ve used this as her stage name), is the queen of “borrowing” from the luminaries that preceded her. Some are obvious; i.e. her Gwen Stefani influence is massive. Others are a bit more surprising — Traci Lords? Really? But the style-shifting Australian emcee has managed to make each of their signature looks her own.

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From “Rump Shaker” to “Blurred Lines”: Pharrell Williams’ Biggest Summer Jams


If there is one hit maker who knows how to churn out a Summer Jam, it’s Pharrell Williams. For over 20 years — yes 20! — the singer, songwriter, producer has been cranking out hits for both himself and popular rappers, singers and Daft Punk. Since he has had some many summer hits, we wanted to round up his most successful (as well as our favorites) into one fantastic playlist. All the hits are here, from his first for Wreckx-n-Effect (“Rump Shaker”) to his most recent, “Happy.” But what song was the biggest of his career? We bet you can guess.

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Manicure Madness! Singers With Sassy Nail Art

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There’s no question the trend of nail art is on fire – that shizz is everywhere! From rhinestones to studs to floral decals, manicures have gotten a serious upgrade. Katy Perry has rocked some stellar tips in music videos, Rihanna has sported sexy nails on red carpets, and Gwen Stefani has tweeted some ultra animalistic acrylics. Check out our gallery to see the Singers Who’ve Nailed It With Glamtastic Nails! 

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Aww! Watch Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale Perform “Glycerine” Together

Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale found themselves sharing a stage last night at the KROQ radio’s Almost Acoustic Christmas show in Los Angeles — an event made all the more special by the fact that Almost Acoustic Christmas show is the very show where the rock-star power couple met 17 years ago. Together they performed Bush‘s “Glycerine,” a song that Rossdale correctly figured “would be so powerful, the two of us on stage like that.” The the No Doubt frontwoman — who showed up looking like she probably did that night in 1995 in red-plaid pants and a sheer black top — joined her Bush frontman after the first verse, and the crowd went wild. And we would have done the same, because Aww! There aren’t many songs so good nor rock couples so cute.

Gwen Stefani Joins Gavin Rossdale For ‘Glycerine’ Duet [RollingStone]

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No Doubt “Push And Shove” Their Way Through The Streets

It’s an ongoing party in the big city streets. Gwen Stefani and her boys–Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young–roam the neighborhoods lined with graffiti cement walls in the video to their title track “Push And Shove.” This is the crew you hear coming four blocks before they’re within eyesight. The black and white visual was released today to coincide with release of the album of the same name. It’s been 11 years since No Doubt’s last album, so why not have fun? The quartet have a crazy good time in the video with cameos from Major Lazer and Busy Signal. Gwen Stefani even takes a dip underwater. What more could you ask for? No Doubt is back! Hardcore. Read more…


No Doubt Covers Billboard Magazine And Gwen Stefani Calls Beck The “Scientologist Guy”

No Doubt Covers Billboard

An 11 year lapse between albums is eons in the ever evolving music industry. No Doubt‘s hardcore fan base they’ve maintained since their 90s reign will be rewarded with the group’s reuniting for their sixth album Push and Shove. In honor of the super group’s return, Gwen Stefani, Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young cover the latest issue of Billboard magazine. Read more…