No Doubt Covers Billboard Magazine And Gwen Stefani Calls Beck The “Scientologist Guy”

No Doubt Covers Billboard

An 11 year lapse between albums is eons in the ever evolving music industry. No Doubt‘s hardcore fan base they’ve maintained since their 90s reign will be rewarded with the group’s reuniting for their sixth album Push and Shove. In honor of the super group’s return, Gwen Stefani, Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young cover the latest issue of Billboard magazine. Read more…

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It’s Hugs All Around For No Doubt In Their New “Settle Down” Video

At last, No Doubt are steady on their return! Yesterday they dropped “Settle Down,” their first new track in over decade, and today we get the accompanying video. Directed by “Don’t Speak”, “Simple Kind Of Life” and “Underneath It All” director Sophie Muller, the clip casts the band’s four members as truck drivers looking to reconnect at some sort of LED-lit, carnival-esque parking lot party. It’s hugs all around when they get there, and then onto some skanking and an impromptu performance in a truck-bed.

Two kids later and bra-straps forever sliding out from her tank, Gwen Stefani looks and sounds almost exactly as she did when we last left her. And to be sure, that verve of hers is only in part thanks to the shiny red L’Oreal Paris Infallible lip gloss she flashes around. Time truly has not touched these guys, and they are still repping a similar sound and the same dance moves. And most of all, they still look cooler than we could ever hope to be. We are so glad to have the good influence of Gwen and her boys back in rotation!

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No Doubt Won’t “Settle Down” With Their New Single

No Doubt don’t want to “Settle Down,” and we are thankful for that! It’s been more than a decade since Rock Steady, but today the band is back with the first single off their upcoming album Push and Shove and they clearly have wasted no time getting back into their grove.

“I’m a rough and tough, and nothin’s gonna knock this girl down,” sings Gwen Stefani on the hook of “Settle Down,” declaring herself back. The bouncy, six-minute reggae-inflected jam should sound right at home on the radio this summer. Particularly so between songs like Maroon 5‘s “One More Night” and Santigold’s “The Riot’s Gone.” As Stereogum’s Tom Breihan wisely points out, “The track echoes Santigold in the same way that Santigold’s music echoes No Doubt.” This is probably so because, in the many years since we’ve last heard No Doubt, the music-scape has evolved to include their influence and their upbeat, dance-hall inspired sound has become popular in pop music. That doesn’t mean we haven’t missed Stefani’s own stylings, though. It’s hella nice to have the originals back on the scene, making fresh music again.

The video, directed by long time No Doubt collaborator Sophie Muller, drops later today. Until then, have a listen below and let us know what you think of No Doubt’s return.
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New No Doubt Album Gets A Name, A First Single

No Doubt‘s long await comeback album has, at last, a name! The band revealed in a note on their website that their first record in 11 years, which is set for release this September, will be called Push and Shove. They also shared news that the album’s first single “Settle Down” will drop July 16th (finally!) with a video treatment by Sophie Muller, whose past work with the band includes classics like “Don’t Speak” and “Simple Kind of Life.”

Last month in a webisode, the No Doubt previewed a track — which we now know is the title track — called “Push and Shove.” Over a beat produced by the on-trend Diplo and Switch,  Gwen Stefani sings: “You push and shove / I take the bait / It’s a risky business / Gonna play it anyway.” Which, given the time the that’s eclipsed since their last outing, could perhaps be about the pressures of returning to the studio. If so, it’s good to know that, solo albums and clothing lines and babies later, they are still willing to play together.

The full announcement, signed “Gwen, Tony, Tom & Adrian,” via the band’s official website, below: Read more…

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No Doubt’s Comeback Record Due On September 25th (Or September 26th)

It has been more than 10 years since No Doubt released Rock Steady, their 2001 album that won them two Grammy awards. In the years since that album’s release, Gwen Stefani released two solo records, but as a unit, the group has undergone a series of struggles. Many have wondered if the group was stuck in a similar mindset as Dr. Dre, another artist who has been artistically crippled by (largely self-imposed) creative expectations. However, over the weekend, the band took to YouTube to announce that their comeback record will be released on September 25th (or September 26th).

Stefani, of course, is one of the most influential female figures to emerge from the world of music in the last twenty years. That said, it remains to be seen whether “the kids” will still care about the band after a decade-plus of virtual inactivity. No Doubt has always been known for being forward-thinking, sonically speaking, when it comes to the production of their tracks, but now that we’re in the era where clubby, Eurodance beats rule the airwaves, will there still be room on the airwaves for the ska-meets-dancehall-meets-pop sound that the band pioneered in the 90s? Guess we’ll have to wait until September 25 (or 26!) to find out*.

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Wednesday: Gwen’s Back for Baby #2

gwen-stefani.jpgTony Romo Woos Jessica with a Song
She may not suck at football, but at least they can both suck at singing together. Now that’s what we call soulmates. [Us]

J. Lo?s Babies Get Normal-ish Names
Emme and Max Lopez-Anthony, meet your new family, the paparazzi! [Star]

Gwen?s Baby Belly Back in Business
Gav and Gwen are adding to their clan. If it’s a girl, do you think they’ll call her Queenston? [Star]

Britney Numbs Pain with New Car
There’s no problem a $55,000 Mercedes (paid for in cash, obvs) can’t fix. Bi-polar disorder be damned! [TMZ]

Lindsay Lohan Loyal to Vodka
LL stands for Lindsay Lohan and Leggings n’ Liquor. [NYDN]


Gwen and Jen Perform With The Kids

The best-dressed baby in show biz took the stage last night with Gwen Stefani. At the final stop on her seemingly never-ending tour, Stefani trotted out her 17-month-old son Kingston to show him what she does every evening. Informing the crowd that he’s been on 35 flights (math majors, that’s slightly over two a month and more than I’ve been on in my life), she then unsuccessfully tried to get him to bid the audience “night-night.”

In other Future Spoiled Children news, J. Lo has canceled the final show of her joint tour with hubby Marc Anthony, slated for San Diego this weekend. Jenny With the Bump has yet to confirm her pregnancy.


Laff + Learn: “Pop Up Video” Returns


How many famous “Feists” are there? Which breed of dogs are “yappy”? What are some “hopes” that all teenagers share? Can you define the term “Jazz Hands”? You can’t answer any of these questions? C’mon, you need to put some Pop on your celly.

A decade ago VH1′s Pop-Up Video franchise wooed millions with its blend of cool music clips and odd-logic factoids. Now its back, designed to deliver info tidbits while you enjoy one of your fave artists. Feist‘s “1234,” Gwen‘s “Hollaback Girl,” Fall Out Boy‘s “Thnks fr th Mmrs” – there are plenty to choose from. The Beastie Boys will hip you to the philosophy of John Locke and Jay-Z will tell you about the loot made by lady pimps. Pop Up Video To Go – make your phone a bit more fun.

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Gwen Stefani Needs to Dry Her Eyes and Shut Up

gwenstefani_0910.jpgBoo hoo hoo. Gwen Stefani apparently let the tears flow backstage at her most recent fashion show in NYC this week. A source revealed:

“Before Gwen went out on stage at her L.A.M.B. fashion show, she was sobbing uncontrollably backstage. When asked what was wrong, she just said she was so overwhelmed. She talked about how she used to sew with her mother, and now [that] she has a baby, fashion is what matters to her.”

Funny, we were busy crying that day too – over how many stupid celebrities think they can design clothes just because they’re famous. Now that seems a little bit more sob-worthy. [NYDN. Image: Getty]