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Ed Sheeran Joins One Direction For “Little Things” At Madison Square Garden

If you were somewhere near midtown Manhattan and felt your ears ringing with the sound of thousands of teenage girls screaming, worry not that something terrible was going down. We have answers for you.

At some point during their headlining gig at Madison Square Garden. The dashing boys of One Direction hunkered down at the edge of the stage and plucked their way through their heart-swollen single, “Little Things.” And then, around 2:03, VH1 You Oughta Know artist Ed Sheeran — the song’s co-writer and 1D’s BFF (also, the one most likely to have hooked Harry Styles up with his new GF, Taylor Swift) — walks out and the arena’s already insistent shrieking dials up (the girl with or near the camera, for one: “There’s Ed! That’s Ed! NO WAY!”)  as he helps the boys out with one last round of the chorus. “Can we just give a massive cheer to Ed for writing that?” someone asked when it was done, as if the cheer he had already received wasn’t downright rapturous.

The only thing that might have been better? If Swift and Styles had taken their late night Backstreet Boys karaoke session to the big stage. We’re fairly certain that human ears aren’t prepared for the shrieks the fledgling lovebird’s “I Want It That Way” duet might have elicited, but can you just imagine?

One Direction & Ed Sheeran Perform “Little Things” Live At Madison Square Garden: Watch [Idolator]
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Hold Hands After One Direction Concert [UsWeekly]

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Taylor Swift’s Busy Week: Ellen, The ARIA Awards, Fifi & Jules and TODAY Performances

All fall Taylor Swift has worked hard — like, her face on pizza boxes and every magazine and in your pharmacy and on your television every day hard — to promote Red‘s release, and even though she has already moved more albums than everybody not named Adele this year, she’s still keeping on working hard. This week alone she made stops at the 2012 ARIA Awards, on Fifi & Jules and TODAY in Australia, and then back stateside today on Ellen. Whew! We’re exhausted just thinking about Taylor’s schedule, but we’re definitely not tired of watching her perform. In these weeks since Red‘s release she’s been really good at mixing up her song choice, alternating between “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Begin Again,” “Red,” “State of Grace” and “I Knew You Were Trouble,” new to the mix after last week’s American Music Awards.

All that in short: Taylor stays being all over our televisions and we stay being interested. Here’s a quick rundown of this week in Taylor Swift televised performances.

Trouble, ohhh!

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Watch Taylor Swift Get Herself Into “Trouble” At The AMAs

Don’t let the pretty white dress and bare-lips (a rare sighting during this Red-promo round!) fool you, Taylor Swift brought plenty of “Trouble” to the American Music Awards tonight. Performing it for the first time live, tonight’s mix of the Red standout came complete with some digi hand-clapping and an orchestral undertow that the album version doesn’t have, but all the same charge when the “oh oohs” come in and the bass drops. And for the song’s final act, Taylor stripped her flouncy white dress to reveal a red and black corseted dress. Trouble? Throw in some close dancing with her masked men and a little writhing and oh, ohh, yes — this is certainly a place Tayor has never been, and we think we like it?

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Taylor Swift Dressed Like Joni Mitchell And Found Her “State Of Grace” On The X-Factor

Last night on The X FactorTaylor Swift traded the top hat she donned for the MTV European Music Awards last weekend for a fedora; and rather then her go-to as of late, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” she opted to perform Red stand-out “State of Grace.” She stood alone at center stage –  looking, we might add, a whole lot like Joni Mitchell, who she is rumored to be playing in an upcoming biopic — for a quiet first verse, while the audience shrieked impatiently. At the first chorus the song blows out into something much bigger, and the lights flashed on behind and she really, really began to sing. There were a few moments where her voice sounded a little shaky, but by the time she got around to explaining that “this is a worthwhile fight” while the lights flickered behind her, we were in full agreement that this just might be her golden age, good and right and real.

“State of Grace” may not be as obviously radio friendly as “Never Ever” or “I Knew You Were Trouble,” but this first live performance of it proved that it’s a sure crowd pleaser. What did you think of Taylor’s Joni Mitchell style? Do you think “State of Grace” could be a single?

Taylor Swift Performs “State Of Grace” Live On ‘The X Factor’: Watch [Idolator]

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Taylor Swift Joins The Circus, And 4 More MTV Euproean Music Awards Performances You Can’t Miss

Like much of the past few weeks, last night’s MVT European Music Awards were in large part a celebration of our VH1 Storyteller Taylor Swift. Taylor spent much of the night flexing her Surprise Face muscles for each of the three awards she won — for Best Female, Best Live Act and Best Look — and gabbing about how excited she is to have clocked her first EMA win. Of the other winners, a broken hearted Justin Bieber took three of his own (Best Male, Best Pop and Beste World Stage), Carly Rae Jepsen took Best Song, One Direction took Best New and Biggest Fans, and PSY of course won for Best Video; Rihanna meanwhile went 0 for 6 nominations, leaving empty handed.

And perhaps we’ve caught the Red fever, but we really enjoyed the old time-y circus act that was Taylor’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” performance (which the evening’s host, Heidi Klum, made way for by floating away with a balloon in hand). She donned a big black top hat and a red sequined jacket, and was joined on stage by clowns on tiny bikes, a harem of ballerina clowns and some fire breathers (pyrotechnics were big with all the performers last night). It was maybe not her strongest vocal showing, but after all the time she spent twirling round the circus ring of a stage, who could blame her for being a little short of breath by the end? Red has only just come out, and award show season is just around the corner, and there’s sure to be more winning night’s like this in the near future of Taylor

We also dug these performances:

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Forget About Wardrobe, Taylor Swift Is All About The Guitar Change On Her VH1 Storytellers

Did you watch Taylor Swift‘s VH1 Storytellers? If you missed it, check out the entire show here. If you caught it, you might have been disappointed that Taylor only rocked one frock for the entire session. She did, however, channel those missing colors into her guitar(s) — which changed almost as often as the song — from silver glitter to cerulean blue.

Of course we have the screenshots…

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VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift Online Exclusive: Taylor Plays “Eyes Open,” Her Song From The Hunger Games Soundtrack

This didn’t make the final cut of VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift (which you can watch in full below or here), but we think it’s too good not to share. Somewhere between the show-opening “You Belong With Me” and the grand finale, a spirited rendition of “Love Song,” Taylor Swift took a break from all the Storytelling to play the melancholic “Eyes Open,” one of the two songs she recorded for The Hunger Games soundtrack. She played it seated on the couch at center stage, with her trusty and longtime guitarist Grant Mickelson by her side. This song may be about District 12 Tribute Katniss Everdeen’s first trip to the shiny Capitol, but we suspect that Taylor — who was raised on a Christmas Tree farm, but now a regular amongst pop’s top brass — might relate to it’s message of caution: “Keep your eyes open / Everybody’s waiting for you to break down / Everybody’s watching to see the fallout / Even when you’re sleeping, sleeping / Keep your eyes, eyes open.”

Watch the full episode after the jump

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Watch Taylor Swift’s VH1 Storytellers Now!

Taylor Swift couldn’t have done it without you. “You know, it’s interesting because you never know where a song is going to go when you write it,” she explained during her VH1 Storytellers session, which premiered tonight and is now available online for your viewing pleasure. “You never know what’s going to happen to it when it goes out into the world, and what you guys are going to do to it. And, you know, how big you guys could possibly make it.” If the sales of her most recent album, Red, are any indication, then big — very, very big. And so, as a thank you to her fans and to ensure that the evening would be “spirited,” Taylor took her VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift to the winning Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. And spirited an evening it was, she eager the stories behind some of our favorite songs and the audience excited to chip in questions and singalong.

If you missed tonight’s premiere, it’s not to late to join in. VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift is now available online! Watch the full episode above, or click through for a rundown of the evening.

Let’s watch:

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15 Career Milestones That Earned Taylor Swift Her VH1 Storytellers

Oh, how Taylor Swift has grown since her childhood on a Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Back then, was a precocious kid with a big voice and a knack for storytelling. She’s still all those things, and though you couldn’t call her much older (she’s only twenty-two-years-old), she’s also added mega-pop star, country star, award winner, cover girl, movie star and, particularly with the success of her recent Red, record industry savior, to her resume.

When Taylor was fourteen, VH1 Behind The Music: Faith Hill gave her the guys she needed to take the dive and move to Nashville to pursue her dreams. A successful turn on the famed Music Row gave way to a record deal with and, well, the rest is history. In preparation for VH1 Storytellers: Taylor Swift, which airs Sunday, November 11th at 6PM and then again at 11PM, we have marked the greatest milestones that earned her the episode!


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