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Music By The Numbers: Our 25 Favorite Songs “Numbered” 1 To 25


Everyone loves a good old fashioned music video countdown, but we thought we’d turn the tables and do a countup…with a twist. The 25 songs on our list aren’t bound together by musical genre or release date. It’s just that when you listen these 25 songs in order, you’re not just listening to great music, you’re also counting from 1 to…25.

Or in the case of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, “22” to “23”.

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The 30 Sexiest Singer-Songwriters Of All Time

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The singer-songwriter sometimes gets a bad rap in the world of music. You think of someone moping with a guitar in a coffee shop, but the 30 sexy singer-songwriters on our list wrote the love songs that became our songs of lust.

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The 15 Most WTF Moments In VMA History

Each and every year since the program debuted in 1984, audiences have been tuning into the Video Music Awards en masse for a chance to see two things: That year’s hottest musical acts perform live AND what happens when you put said hottest musical acts together in a relatively confined space. Thankfully for viewers, the combination of the intense media spotlight, oversized egos, and chemical stimulants have resulted in some truly memorable jaw-dropping moments over the show’s 29 year history, moments that we have collected together into the following list: The 15 Most WTF Moments In VMA History.
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5 Lessons The Best Female Video Nominees Learned From Beyonce


The Queen Bey may only be nominated for one VMA (Best Video with a Social Message), her presence can be felt in this year’s nominees for Best Female Video. What’s even more strange is how Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna all took the master class in Beyonce by channeling “Me, Myself and I,” which was nominated for a 2004 VMA for Best R&B Video. While the video didn’t take home the Moonman that year, it did lay the ground work for future nominees.

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The Five Ways Girlfriends Can Be Referenced In A John Mayer Song

John Mayer

John Mayer‘s new album Paradise Valley features a duet with girlfriend Katy Perry, which sort of eliminates the question of whether or not he’ll reference her in one of his songs after the fact–or does it? Mayer himself has said that all songwriting comes from relationships, and with his stable of high-profile exes and current loves, it’s become an unofficial guessing game as to who has inspired each track. Sound familiar? Read more…

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Taylor Swift’s 25 Shortest Short-Shorts Of All Time

Taylor Swift Shorts

Over the past few years, we’ve watched¬†Taylor Swift¬†transform herself from a country songbird into a pop siren! All while keepin’ it classy, of course. T-Swift’s colorful sense of style strikes just the right note of playful, cute and also, very hot. And there’s one thing that can be said for the zillion-selling-singer: She loves short-shorts!

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