Best Of The Brit Awards In Photos


The Brit Awards are underway in London with a hefty lineup of some of our favorite Brits. And what’s a British awards show without a performance by the very American Justin Timberlake? It’s all love. Music transcends. You Oughta Know artist Emeli Sande won big for British Female Solo Artist. One Direction took the stage while Harry gazed into Taylor Swift‘s eyes the entire time (we’re totally making that up) as she sat in the audience writing her next song (yeah, we made that up too). T. Swift also performed in what looks like a wedding gown. Other notables Rita Ora, Frank Ocean, Jessie Ware and Lana Del Rey graced the red carpet. What was up with all the black this year? Boring! Meanwhile Jessie J stole the show with her side peek-a-boob. Check out our gallery of the best of the Brit Awards.

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14 Couples Who Should Get That Old Thing Back For Valentine’s Day


No pity parties allowed this Valentine’s Day. If you’re not spending the evening with the love of your life, grab your girls or bros and have a “I’m fabulously single” night on the town. The day after the annual day to celebrate love (as if we aren’t doing that all year long!) the blogs will be saturated with how the Jay-Z and Beyonce and Rihanna and Chris Browns of the world spent their night. But we’ve dug into the ex-files to reminisce on love that once was that is no more. Read more…

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What Justin Bieber Can Learn From Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake Before His Saturday Night Live Hosting Gig

Justin Bieber Host and Musical Guest on SNL

Justin Bieber has set his sights on 30 Rock, scheduled as both host and musical guest on this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live. You’ve seen the promos, and now, with the impending snowstorm predicted to rock much of the Northeast, you have no choice but to watch. Nicely done, Scooter Braun! We will never question your relationship with the weather gods again.
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The Top 9 Unexpected Endorsements From Music Stars

You know you’ve made it when the major dough starts rolling in for endorsement deals. Ask Beyonce about that $50 million Pepsi deal or 50 Cent‘s partnership with Vitamin Water (which netted him somewhere between $60-$100 milli). Taylor Swift didn’t let the ink dry before announcing, via video, her new venture with Diet Coke. It’s unclear how much Taylor made from this collaboration, but it’s T. Swift. She’s definitely not accepting chump change. In honor of Taylor being the newest addition to #teamCoke, we present the most unexpected and/or outrageous musician endorsements. Read more…


Lil Wayne’s “Staring At The World” Further Proves He Has Fallen Off

I take no joy in saying Lil Wayne fell off.

Proud southerner here. For that reason I’ve listened to Lil Wayne’s music since he debuted with Hot BoysGet It How U Live in 1996. Over the years I’ve closely followed Wayne’s career and progression from 1999′s The Block Is Hot to 2004′s Tha Carter to 2011′s Tha Carter IV, and all the albums and mixtapes in between; and like slews of southern hip-hop heads, we’ve been fans since he was a 15-year-old kid.

Today I listened to “Staring At The World” from his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being 2 barely able to stomach the auto-tuned screeching chorus or the struggle lyrics. What has happened with Weezy? Trust I’m not one of the music fans who loathes when an artist with a 20 year career evolves. Change is good; it can be great. But whatever change Weezy’s made in the last four years isn’t one that has advanced his style. His verses, songs and albums are getting progressively worse. Read more…


“Suit And Tie” Not Only Looks Good On Justin Timberlake, But Is Predicted To Chart On Billboard’s Hot 100

The proverbial streets still have love for JT. There’s so much agape for Justin Timberlake‘s new single “Suit & Tie” that Billboard predicts the single may sell as many as 400,000 downloads by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, January 20. Considering the song set the Internet ablaze only a little over 48 hours ago, it’s clear JT’s resurgence after a six year hiatus from music was absolutely long overdue. Read more…