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A Timeline Of Opening Acts Who Became Bigger Than The Headliner

openers_headliners_artConcert opening acts tend to be a hit or miss. Sometimes, they’re awesome and succeed admirably in pumping up the crowd. Other times, they’re ear-screeching filler for the band you shelled out $200 to see. More often than not, opening acts — good or bad — never reach the fame of their headliners. (Remember Britney Spears’ 2004 tour opener Skye Sweetnam? Neither do we.) But sometimes they do, and that’s when it gets interesting.

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10 Reasons Why The High-Waisted Bikini Should Be The Official Swimsuit Of 2015

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By Frank Donovan 

Gone are the days of barely-there bikinis and Baywatch style high-cut one pieces. Today it’s all about harkening back to 1950s bombshells with high-waisted bikinis. We gotta say we’re totally on board with this look, especially when it’s completed with cat-eye sunglasses and a red lip a la Taylor Swift. In fact, after noticing so many of our favorite singers rocking retro swimwear everywhere from the pool to the stage, we’re declaring high-waisted bikinis the official swimsuit of 2015.

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