Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy: Who Are The 20 Greatest Supergroups In Heavy Metal And Hard Rock?

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Supergroup: n. The meeting of individual musical minds from separate iconic bands who attempt to combine their unique powers in order to create something totally new (Ok, not an official definition by any means, but that about sums it up). Read more…

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Pearl Jam’s Top 20 Moments


Pearl Jam was born from the ashes of a spectacular glam rock flameout at the dawn of the “grunge” era alongside other Pacific Northwest-based acts like Nirvana, Alice In Chains and Soundgarden. Pegged by the media early on their run as having the least “indie cred” and most commercial aspirations of all of the aforementioned acts, they’ve established themselves over the course of the last 20 years as one of the most enduring and cred-worthy acts in the entire music industry.

In 2011, director Cameron Crowe released the feature-length documentary Pearl Jam 20, which covers the ups and downs of this band’s wildly successful and immensely turbulent career to date. Tomorrow night, VH1 Classic will air PJ20 in its entirety beginning at 10PM/9C. In honor of that broadcast, we’d like to present you with PEARL JAM TKTK.

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The Hunger Games Soundtrack Tracklisting (Of Our Dreams)

While it will still be another 18 months or so until Twilight-mania finally subsides, the next big franchise poised to gobble up the disposable income of America’s rabid teenage girl fanbase will almost certainly be The Hunger Games¹. There is currently a film adaptation in the works, and it is scheduled to hit theaters next March. Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter landed the scoop that there will be not one but TWO soundtrack albums produced for the Lionsgate film. One will feature the instrumental score co-composed by Grammy-winning soundtrack maestros T. Bone Burnett and Danny Elfman, while the other will feature “collections of the songs featured in the film and songs directly influenced by the themes — freedom, rebellion, survival, family — and subject matter of the film.” No specific artists have been announced yet, but we’re not going to let a silly thing like that stop us from speculating about the contents of said soundtrack. Here is the The Hunger Games soundtrack tracklisting … of our dreams.

(And if you’re into this sort of thing, check out The Hunger Games Soundtrack (Of Our Dreams) on Spotify.)

1) Temple Of The Dog, “Hunger Strike”
2) Lenny Kravitz, “Always On The Run”
3) Eric Carmen, “Hungry Eyes”
4) Weird Al Yankovic, “Eat It”
5) The Clash, “Career Opportunities”

6) Duran Duran, “Hungry Like The Wolf”
7) The Postal Service, “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”
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