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That Metal Gear: Ted Nugent Talks About His First Guitars + Guitar Heroes!

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This season on That Metal Show we’re talking to some of the greatest guitarists and bassists in hard rock and heavy metal and finding out how they got started on their instruments and what gear they use to get their outrageous sounds. Few guitarists out there are more outrageous than the Motor City Madman, Ted Motherf’ing Nugent. The Nuge was kind enough to talk to us about his first guitars and guitar heroes and how he strangles those “howling, tortured guitar, animal dying sounds” out of his trademark Gibson Byrdlands on some of the most enduring hard rock classics of all time. This is an epic interview and the longest installment of That Metal Gear we’ve run so far, but Ted deserves it. He’s got a lot to say and all of it is worth hearing. We promise you will not be bored when he starts talking. Read more…