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Rockers Who Love Soccer: Find Out These 25 Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Heroes Favorite Football Clubs!

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Today marks the beginning of the biggest sports event in the known world. At 4 pm this afternoon, when Croatia takes the field against hosts Brazil, The FIFA World Cup will begin and soccer fans worldwide will be riveted to the results as 32 national teams compete over the next month until the championship game July 13th. It’s a fact that soccer (or football, as it’s known outside America) is much more popular around the globe than it is in the U.S.A., and every country has it’s own leagues where regional teams duke it out for their respective national titles. Given the high concentration of British hard rock and heavy metal musicians, it makes sense that many a UK rocker has a beloved soccer team they root for, or as they would say, support. And it’s not just the British. The heavy metal strongholds of Germany and Brazil also have rich football traditions and musicians support their local and national teams as well. Take a gander at 25 hard rock and heavy metal musicians, from Iron Maiden‘s Steve Harris to the past and present members of Sepultura, and find out their favorite football clubs (American translation: soccer teams) in celebration of The World Cup!