Father Of Mine: 15 Fathers Day Songs For People With Daddy Issues


Fathers are unspeakably important. Not only did they help create us all, but they have also inspired some of the greatest art in history. Unfortunately, a lot of that art was triggered by the dad being a total deadbeat -going heavy on the sauce, being an overbearing overweight chump, or stepping out for a pack of cigarettes and never coming back. Whatever the case, the music world owes more to terrible dads than to good ones, so this Fathers Day we’ve deicided to lovely offer up this playlist for people with daddy issues. See you all in therapy!

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Holding On To The Dream: 20 Bands With Only One Original Member

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It’s difficult for bands to stand the test of time and stay intact. They’ve got all sorts of factors stacked against them, including breakups, premature deaths, and brutal band dismissals, plus folks who are just tired of the rock ‘n’ roll game and straight up quit. But then there are the guys who are still out there playing the hits, despite the fact that they’re the only original members left in their group!

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The 10 Biggest Songs About Balls


Miley Cyrus, who released her album Bangerz this week featuring the hit song and video “Wrecking Ball,” isn’t the first artist to sing about balls in popular music. Hell, she isn’t even the first performer to sing about wrecking balls; Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen all beat her to the punch. But whether used as a noun, a verb or a turn of phrase, whether they be wrecking balls, balls of fire, crystal balls or the type of balls that men do their best to protect, balls figure prominently in a number of classic songs. So without further adieu, here are 10 of the biggest songs ever written about balls.

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It’s “The Thrill” Of Miguel’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Performance That Reminds Us Of…

Once Kaleidoscope Dream dropped the comparisons began. Not to jump on the bandwagon that is certain to continue, but Miguel channeled Prince in his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Instead of performing the obvious “Adorn” or “Do You” Miguel went with the guitar-heavy rock-ish track “The Thrill.” The garage rock sound of the song allowed for an energized Miguel to actually do more than stand on the stage and sing. Read more…