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Ariana Grande Graduates To Full-Blown Diva Status With Stripped-Down Performance At The 2014 AMAs

2014’s darling pop star Ariana Grande transitioned to full-blown diva at the 2014 American Music Awards, which aired Sunday on ABC. And, trust us, it’s a beautiful thing. Dressed in a sophisticated black dress and a classic movie star hairdo (and that bedazzled earpiece), Grande wowed with jazzed up versions of her hits “Problem” and “Break Free” before going into her new single “Love Me Harder” featuring The Weeknd. Here’s hoping Grande’s team officially releases these renditions. Read more…


These Ariana Grande “Love Me Harder” Covers Will Inspire You To Make Nice With Your Bae

The leaves are turing brown and cuffing season is here. Music has a magical way of helping you realize that you should talk to the girl you see at the coffee station every morning instead of walking by and thinking what could’ve been. These covers of Ariana Grande‘s “Love Me Harder” featuring The Weeknd make the perfect soundtrack to snuggling in the sheets and falling in love. Play these renditions on repeat and take the risk today.

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Who Is The Weeknd? 5 Things You Should Know

You’ve probably heard mention of the Weeknd in the past year, and definitely if you get your music from the internet or have an eye on R&B. The gloomy cloud that’s hanging over the genre (see: Usher‘s “Climax”) might have originated with him, while his jagged, falsetto-ed recollections of the high life have become typical for stars like Drake. In 2011, he released three critically acclaimed mixtapes for free through his Tumblr, earning himself a record deal and a clutch of powerful friends. This week, those three tapes have been remastered and repacked  as Trilogy, and early forecasts have it debuting at Number 2 on the Billboard charts next week (trailing, who else but One Direction). Who is this shady game changer with an earthly voice and good internet game?

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Rihanna And Friends Celebrate Drake With Birthday Cards, We Steal Them From His Trash (Whoops!)

Today is Aubrey Graham’s birthday, and as the talented singing-rapper completes his 26th year of life, he’s smooth-talked his way into the hearts and minds of millions of fans (not to mention his fellow celebrity friends). Likely receiving countless gifts from friends, strangers, and business associates, Drake surely can’t keep each and every token, no matter how personal some may be. And that’s exactly why we decided to raid his garbage.

Dumpster diving is the classiest of adventures, especially when the trash you’re sifting through belongs to Toronto’s golden boy. Invasion of privacy, maybe, but like we’re taught on various reality shows, what’s discarded onto public property is considered free for the taking. Below are our findings: the front covers and inside messages of birthday cards from Drake’s grandmother, Rick Ross, the OVO fam, his Rabbi, Rihanna, the Young Money crew, and Chris Brown are all revealed.

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The Weeknd Cancels ACL Show Hours Before His Scheduled Performance

The Weeknd Cancels ACL Performance Hours Before Scheduled To Perform

For new artists like The Weeknd, Austin City Limits music festival is the perfect venue to play for thousands of adorning fans while also gaining the attention of potential new ones. Unfortunately, those looking forward to watching the “Wicked Games” singer perform today may be disappointed. Hours before his 5:15 p.m. set, The Weeknd cancelled his show due to doctor’s orders. His vocals need to rest, which means we won’t get to sing along to his sounds of seduction.

A statement was released apologizing for the no-show. “Regrettably The Weeknd will not be performing at ACL Festival today. Early this morning, under Doctors instructions, Abel has been put on a rest period to help with recurring vocal, aural and respiratory issues. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to fans. We hope he will recover quickly. There will be a personal statement later today.” DJ Mel was called in to perform in The Weeknd’s slot. New artists can’t afford to cancel shows, especially not one as large as the ACL Festival. Oftentimes bailing on performances doesn’t sit well with fans or the hosts of the festival. But since it was for medical purposes, hopefully the strength of his eargasm baby-making music will help folks get over his absence quickly.

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Austin City Limits Music Festival: Anctipating Top Notch Performances From The Roots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Florence + The Machine And Jack White

Most Anticipated Moments of Austin City Limits Music Festival

Along with 70,000 excited fans we’ve trekked down to Austin, TX (where it’s 80 degrees!) for this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival to partake in the live shows by bands that run the gamut of Red Hot Chili Peppers to Florence + The Machine to The Roots to The Black Keys. It’s going to be a jam packed three days of rocking out and grooving at Zilker Park to an eclectic mix of sounds. Aside from our excitement to try Austin’s famous mouth-watering barbeque, we’re anticipating unforgettable moments that shall go down in music festival history. Read more…


Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream Puts The Soul Back In R&B, Despite His Feeling That The Genre Has Become A ‘Caricature Of Itself’

Kaleidoscope Dream is the magical sophomore album by Miguel, an LP in which he infuses the sounds of rock, soul and funk into the expanding box that is modern R&B. On “Adorn,” which is currently No. 1 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts, he croons about love and intimacy over the funky bass line. “‘Adorn’ is romantic, but it’s dirty at the same time,” he told us the day his album dropped. “It’s all the highs of love with all the coolness of the party.” Then there’s “Use Me,” “Do You,” “Arch & Point,” and “Pussy Is Mine” that explore the beauty of intimacy. While “Do You” is as much about the sensuality (“Do you like hugs? Do you like love?”) as it is about sex (“I wanna do you like drugs tonight”), the provocative “Pussy Is Mine” is completely about Miguel’s friend with benefits making him feel like it is all his. Read more…


The Weeknd’s “Rolling Stone” Keeps It Simple

Sure the self-directed black and white visual to The Weeknd‘s “Rolling Stone” is minimalistic. There’s Abel Tesfaye with a woman’s arms wrapped around his neck. And a black backdrop. That’s it. What looks like a camera flash flickers and that sums up the video. The beauty, however, is in the simplicity. With little action on screen it’s easier to focus on the instrumentation of the African drums, the soft guitar strings. His voice resembling the serene sound of a waterfall is enough to carry the three minute clip. Sometimes less really is more.

The Weeknd "Rolling Stone"

Video: The Weeknd, “Rolling Stone” [Fader]

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