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Justin Timberlake Pays Homage To The King Of Pop By Covering “Shake Your Body”

Remember when Justin Timberlake disappeared from music for, like, five years? Well, this year, he completely flipped the script; his presence is now inescapable. He released The 20/20 Experience: Pt. 1 in March, went on tour with Jay Z in July, reunited with *NSYNC at the VMAs in August, and is set to drop The 20/20 Experience: Pt. 2 next week. Oh, and did we mention that he went and covered an old Jacksons track for the BBC yesterday?

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Bands Gone Wild: 10 Outrageous Rock Performances Caught On Live TV

Bands Going Wild On Live TV

Rock ‘n’ roll is built on uncontrolled rebellion, passion, and spontaneity. So in other words, it’s not really made for the confines of live television. And that’s what makes it so great when bands perform live on the small screen…you never know WHAT kind of madness might happen!¬†Check out the 10 most outrageous live TV performances in rock history.

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Hop On The Booze Cruise! 15 Celebrities With Their Own Alcohol Brands


We know celebrities like to party, but these guys take drinking to a whole different level. Their own level. That’s right: Fergie, Justin Timberlake, Lil Jon and Pharrell Williams are just four of the many musicians who’ve taken liquor and wine into their own hands and launched their own products. So get into the spirit of things (literally) and check out our gallery of 15 Musicians With Their Own Alcohol Brands.

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The Panty-Dropper Playlist! 25 Tunes to Sex Up Your Summer Hookup Sesh


The summertime¬†always makes us feel lusty and libidinous (we’re convinced it’s because everyone’s half-naked). In any event, even the hottest hookup moments are made friskier by the perf soundtrack — and here, we’ve rounded up our top twenty-five most aurally erotic tunes on the planet. From tried-and-true gems like Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” to new school scorchers like Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice,” we swear these jams will have you winning.

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