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Celebrate What Would’ve Been Amy Winehouse’s 28th Birthday By Watching “Body And Soul,” Her Duet With Tony Bennett

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Today would’ve been Amy Winehouse‘s 28th birthday. Alas, it wasn’t to be; Winehouse passed back on July 23 of as yet undetermined causes, but her musical legacy will always live on.

At last month’s 2011 Video Music Awards, Tony Bennett introduced Bruno Mars‘ outstanding tribute to Winehouse by sharing a short clip of himself and Winehouse in the studio cutting a cover of the jazz standard “Body And Soul.” As of now, it’s one of the last pieces of recorded music that Winehouse contributed to before her tragic and untimely passing, although if the rumors hold up, there may be more Winehouse cuts on the way someday soon.

Aside from being a very pleasant rendition of the song, the thing that strikes us the most about this video is seeing Amy Winehouse in the habitat where she always felt the most comfortable — the studio. Most of the memories that we have of the last few years of her life are paparazzi shots of her strung out on the streets of London, wasting away before our very eyes. This video, in which Winehouse looks both healthy and happy, stands in stark contrast those tabloid images. Sure, she appears a bit fidgety at times, but we attribute that behavior not to drugs, but rather to her uniquely personal method of channeling the ghosts of great jazz singers past, like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday (both of whom not-so-coincidentally recorded versions of “Body And Soul”). We’ll also admit it breaks our heart more than a little bit to watch the way that she coyly batted her mascara-laden eyelashes at the inimitable Bennett, knowing that we’ll never get to see her do that again.

“Body And Soul” can be found on Tony Bennett’s upcoming album, Duets II, which will be available in stores next week. If you can’t wait that long, you can head to the iTunes store and pick it up this duet today; all proceeds will benefit the recently created Amy Winehouse Foundation.

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Tony Bennett Raves About His Duets Collaborator Lady Gaga: “She Has The Same Gift As Ella Fitzgerald”

Last month, the incomparable Tony Bennett turned 85 years young. While no one would say a word edgewise if Tony decided to rest on his impressive collection of laurels, this super groovy daddy-o is doing anything but. Last month, he introduced the amazing Amy Winehouse tribute at the VMAs, and next week, he’s releasing his latest album, Duets II. The record features collaborations with today’s chart toppers like Michael Bublé, John Mayer, Norah Jones and the late Miss Winehouse (the latter of which we’ll have for you to check out tomorrow).

The most anticipated track on the record, though, is Tony Bennett’s duet with Lady Gaga on the Rogers and Hart classic, “The Lady Is A Tramp.” Our VH1 News team recently caught up with Bennett, and he had nothing but lavish praise to bestow on the Mother Monster. “She is an amazing singer, she has the same gift as Ella Fitzgerald,” he told us. It’s not just her ability to sing and tickle the ivories that has him impressed, though: “I like the audience reaction when she does a performance. The people go out to lunch, I’ve never heard such enthusiasm.” We’ve never heard the Little Monsters’ reaction to Gaga’s concerts described in that manner, but we’re pretty confident that they’re gonna eat it up. You know, like lunch!

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