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The Bomb: 10 Of The Biggest Album Flops In Music History

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As you may have heard, Robin Thicke recently released a new album, Paula. In an effort to win back his wife, hottie actress Paula Patton (the couple separated in February due to his cheating shenanigans), the R&B singer threw together this album of baby-come-back-to-me ballads — but it’s been greeted by crickets. The album has bombed completely, selling only 25,000 copies so far. And it gets even worse in the UK, where it sold only 530 copies! Perspective? An album has to sell at least 500,000 copies to be certified by the Record Company Industry of America. Not really the ex-wife panty-dropper the crooner was expecting, was it?

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Which `90s One Hit Wonders Should Star In VH1 Reality Shows?

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With the amazing announcement that Gerardo, singer of the memorable 1991 hit, “Rico Suave,” will be starring in his own VH1 reality series, our thoughts turned to all the one hit wonders we remember from the `90s. While we started to rock out to their signature tunes, we wondered who’d be ripe to make their resurgence via VH1’s stellar crop of reality shows.

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15 Greatest Hits Albums That Totally Didn’t Need To Happen

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Greatest Hits albums and Best Of collections can be pretty devisive. In one way, they’re a nice and convenient chance to get all of your favorite songs in a single convenient disc. Just look at Eagles Greatest Hits (1971-1975), which sold more copies than any record in the 20th century! But these compilations can also be seen as a cheap last-ditch effort to milk a few more dollars out of an artist who’s long been on the decline. This is goes double if the artist hasn’t actually had enough hits to fill an album to begin with!

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The Top 10 Rip-Offs In Music History

Top 10 Rip-Offs In Music History

One of the biggest stories in the world of pop music over the last week has been the (pardon the pun) upROAR over whether or not Katy Perry‘s new single “Roar” borrows a bit too liberally from Sara Bareilles‘ “Brave” (see: Is Katy Perry A Sara Bareilles Kopy Kat?). If you ask us, both songs are under suspicion for lifting the opening piano line of “Something Beautiful” by Robbie Williams, so we feel like neither party can claim absolute innocence here.

It’s worth noting that this is neither the first—nor will it be the last!—instance when one songwriter accuses another songwriter of cribbing a riff or a melody. With that said, it’s time to present you with this: the Top 10 Rip-Offs In Pop Music History.

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The Most Litigated Songs In Music History


They say there’s a story behind every song.  Sometimes those stories involve lots and lots of lawyers. Songwriting and music publishing has always been where the real money’s at in the music business, especially these days as physical record sales continue to fall. Whether we’re talking about stolen melodies, un-credited lyrical contributions or samples used without permission, the following songs landed their performers in court and in most cases paying the price for their alleged artistic appropriations. These are the most litigated songs in music history.

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Britney Spears Gets Down To “Ice Ice Baby”

Britney Spears Dances to Rendition of Ice Ice Baby

Britney Spears doesn’t care who’s around or who’s watching; if she wants to get jiggy with it she will. That is, if it’s a Vanilla Ice song. For Vanilla Ice she will happily jump to her feet, even if she’s at work and if even if none of her co-workers join in. Word to your mother. TMZ reports during the Greensboro, NC auditions for The X Factor Britney couldn’t help herself from boogieing to a contestant’s rendition of the popular 1990s “Ice Ice Baby.” Luckily, someone caught it on camera. Her dance moves are about as old as the song (we saw that little raising of the roof, Brit!), but who cares? The happy, not taking life too seriously Britney is a great look on her. With a new gig and fairly new fiancee there’s much for the pop star to dance about. Dance on. Read more…

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Is “Frat Rap” The Next Big Trend In Hip Hop?

From L to R: Rich Hil, Asher Roth and Chet Haze
In the nineties, you could count the number of commercial white rappers on one hand. Beastie Boys. Vanilla Ice. Marky Mark (and the Funky Bunch). Maybe Everlast and even 3rd Bass count too, although their “household name” reach wasn’t nearly as long. As a result, an entire generation of hip-hop fans grew up listening to a genre that was based in a primarily Urban setting, rarely poking its nichey head above ground into the pop arena. That didn’t stop the audience’s obsession with hip-hop though, and regardless of content relatability, the music managed to draw a crop of loyal, melanin-lacking disciples.

Putting his unquestionable talent aside, it’s not a huge surprise that Eminem’s Slim Shady LP was so well-received when Interscope helped him to first put take his underground music into the mainstream back in 1999. Paving the way for the constant flow of new, up-and-coming white rappers who idolized him back then, Eminem came to market with a blunt, true-to-self, lower socio-economic class character that was refreshing and different from the previous attempts of white rappers past. Looking the accidental mockery in the face, who can forget The White Rapper Show, for example? Whether you hated it or loved it, it was a trainwreck that you couldn’t resist watching, if only to laugh at the contestants’ hilarious missteps.

On Monday, it was announced that white rapper Rich Hil, son of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, was signed to Warner Brothers Records. This news not only continues to feed the growing trend of white rapper signings, but also the perpetuates the sub-genre craze that is now commonly referred to as “Frat Rap.” Focusing less on conveying social commentary or more personal issues, Frat Rap flaunts a party lifestyle, celebrating the cliche reckless behavior associated with college fraternities, like getting hammered, bagging girls, and partaking in experimental gateway drugs. Executing lyricism and celebrating the Bronx-born culture aren’t really a priority.

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Last Lap: Thursday’s Odds And Ends In Music News

Jay-Z And Kanye’s Friends Get To Hear Watch The Throne
Apparently tired of the false rumors surrounding their forthcoming collaboration Watch the Throne, which, it turns out, is completed, Jay-Z and Kanye West have begun previewing the record for friends in the industry, so as to correct the record without leaking the, um, record. MTV News has a roundup of who’s heard it and what they’ve said.

Vanilla Ice Joins Eight-Year-Old Youtube Rapper Matty B. To Cover “Ice Ice Baby”
In hindsight, this was inevitable. Actually, “Matty B. guest spot” is a significant upgrade from “Gathering of the Juggalos commercial.” [Vulture]
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