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15 Overused Phrases You Hate That Came From Songs You Love


We’re baffled by how much we can love certain songs but hate the phrases people take from them to use in their every day lives. You’ll dance to these songs like nobody’s watching because you adore them, but from “YOLO” to “Cray” to “Bae”, they’re responsible for releasing some of the most annoying sayings ever into the human race. Are you sick of being told to “Turn up”? Offended by the idea of “Big pimpin’”? Cringing every time someone calls themselves a “Baller”? Here are 15 annoyingly overused phrases that come from songs you love, and are probably listening to as you read this.
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‘Top 20 Countdown’ Presents The 20 Biggest Videos Of 2014


As 2014 comes to a close, it’s time to look back at all of the incredible music videos from this year. These past 12 months have brought us some breakout stars like Sam Smith, Tove Lo and Charli XCX who dominated the music scene with their unique sounds. We also got treated with standouts from artists like Taylor Swift and Pharrell who never disappoint. It was the year Iggy Azalea took on the classic 90′s movie Clueless with the “Fancy” video, and who could forget John Legend’s beautiful tribute to wife Chrissy Teigen with “All Of Me”? Wrap up 2014 by taking a trip down memory lane with Top 20 Countdown‘s picks for the 20 biggest videos of the year.

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The 10 Most Overexposed Artists Of 2014


What do Iggy Azalea, Pitbull, and Pharrell have in common? Well for starters, all three of them had really great years. Iggy won twice at the American Music Awards and has been nominated for four Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist. Mr. Worldwide released a new album, Globalization, and expressed his undying love for booties as a host at the 2014 AMAs. And as for Pharrell, where haven’t you seen him? The singer is everywhere and he’s “Happy” about it. But while these three artists have been making the rounds promoting various album releases and making appearances in shows or on magazine covers, all three of them went overkill. Who else made the list of the most overexposed artists of 2014? Keep reading to find out!

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VH1 Staff Is Thankful For… Nick Jonas’ Abs, Pharrell Williams + ‘You’re Dead!’


VH1 staff writers are thankful for many things this Thanksgiving. We’ve gushed over Pharrell Williams‘ new music videos for G I R L, danced to Mark Ronson‘s funky fresh beats and shed a tear to Jessie J‘s incredible voice. But we’re mostly thankful for Nick Jonas’ abs. As we look back on this amazing year in music, check out what we’re each thankful for.

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12 Easy Musician Halloween Costumes That You Can Pull Off At The Last Minute


-By Jake Paine

Brace yourselves, because it’s just days away from Halloween 2014. And since this year’s All Hallows’ Eve falls on a Friday, your workweek may not have not had time to prepare for whatever costume party you’ve been invited to, or playful plans you’re friends have mind. Not to fret. Leave it to the VH1 team to help you put together a pop culture get-up with little expense, travel, or difficulty!

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We Barely Know What These Singers Look Like Without A Weird Hat On

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Ne-Yo, Pharrell and LL Cool J are few of many artists who will almost never leave the house without covering up their locks, or lack thereof, with bizarre headwear. Without wearing these crazy caps, we’re not even sure if we would recognize them. But what we want to know is: what the hell are they hiding under there?!

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