by (@unclegrambo)

Paul McCartney’s Got “New” Music That Sounds A Lot Like His “Old” Music, But No One Seems To Care

Paul McCartney has been hearing the same (unfair?) criticism of his musical output for the past fortysomething years, something that goes roughly like this: “Meh, it’s not as good as his Beatles stuff.” This happened with Wings, his collaborations with Michael Jackson, and all of his solo material, due in no small part to McCartney’s aversion to making music that sounds anything like the tracks he wrote with John Lennon. However, on his new single, Macca has teamed up with the acclaimed producer Mark Ronson, the mastermind behind the retro sound of Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black and Christina Aguilera’s Back To Basics, the results of which sound—dare we say it?—positively Beatles-esque.

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