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Yoko Ono Fuses Art And Activism To Achieve World Peace In The 21st Century


Yoko Ono is doing more than just imagining a better world—she’s creating it. The boundary-breaking cultural icon is on the front lines campaigning for a host of causes ranging from international peace, responsible emissions, gender equality and fracking limitations. Decades after first appearing on the world stage alongside late husband John Lennon, Ono’s revolutionary flame shines on and her rebellious spirit makes her an unrivaled force for positive change.

Last week she took time to honor a fellow philanthropic crusader, Hard Rock International CEO Hamish Dodds, by presenting him with the Spirit of Excellence Award on behalf of the T.J. Martell Foundation. Since 2008, the pair have teamed up annually with WhyHunger for “IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER,” an initiative that has brought 9.7 million farm-fresh meals to starving children in over 20 countries and taught over 8,800 family and community members techniques for sustained food production. 

Before taking the podium, Ono sat down with VH1 to reflect on the work she’s done not only with Dodds, but also throughout her extraordinary lifetime. In the midst of troubling times for our planet, she offers advice for how to stay hopeful in the face of negativity, outraged in the face of apathy, and fearless in the face of overwhelming opposition.

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Never-Heard John Lennon Tapes Now Available On Innovative New App

John Lennon was always a man who broke new ground, so we like to think he’d be a fan of John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes, a cutting-edge interactive iPhone app that blends music, game play, documentary film, and charity work in a way that has never been done before! Released today, the app allows us to hear rare Lennon acoustic demos for the very first time, and lets us learn about the near-death experience that inspired his final album, Double Fantasy.

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Tuned In: Nicki Minaj “Pounds The Alarm” Caribbean Style On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Nicki Minaj brought Caribbean flavor–specifically Trinidad flavor (where the video was shot)– to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Fresh off her Europe tour and prepping for the U.S. leg of the Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded tour that begins at the end of the month, Nicki stopped by Leno to perform her next single “Pound The Alarm” for the first time live in the U.S. Read more…

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Welcome To The World Of Famous Musical Offspring, Blue Ivy Carter! (PS: Here’s How Fast Your Peers Got On Stage)

This weekend, the world welcomed baby Blue Ivy Carter, the offspring of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and possibly the most important baby on earth right now (or ever, who knows?) into its open arms. After months of speculation, second guessing, and red herrings, the baby girl is finally here and now we’ve got a whole new set of questions to deal with. For starters: When are we going to see baby Blue Ivy? Do you think she’s made of gold or magic or sparkles? Does she have super powers? Will she grow up to fulfill Mom and Dad’s musical legacy? And if so, how long do we have to wait to hear the chosen one’s voice on a record?

With all these questions in mind, we tracked down some other famous babies with musician parents, found out how long it took them to get from the womb to the recording studio, and employed the law of averages to try and figure out when we can expect Blue Ivy’s first number one song. According to the following cross section, we’re expecting Blue Ivy to lay down her first album by age 11…

  • Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. In 1981, at the age of 5, Sean recited a story on his mother’s album Season of Glass.

  • Hailie Jade Mathers, daughter of Marshall Mathers a.k.a Eminem. At age 6, Hailie’s vocal was featured on Eminem’s “My Dad’s Gone Crazy”.
  • Chloe Lattanzi, daughter of Olivia Newton John. At age 8, Chloe provided backing vocals for “The Way Of Love” from Olivia’s 1994 album Gaia.

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