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Me and My Girlfriend: We Rank the 10 Flyest Boo’s in Hip Hop


beyonce kim kardashian amber rose

Ryan Gosling has a mighty sexy plus-one; so does Brad Pitt. But when you’re talking about the flyest wives and girlfriends, ever — we’re talking Beyonce, folks — they aren’t found in Hollywood, they’re in hip hop.

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Daddy Time: Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Are In Labor [UPDATED]

Wiz Khalifa Amber Rose In Labor

This slightly creepy photo of Pittsburgh’s Native Son is not an outtake from a music video or an early Halloween costume idea: Wiz Khalifa is about to be a dad! After what feels like way more than three trimesters–and we’re speaking for ourselves; we can only imagine how mom-to-be is doing–Wiz and his fiance Amber Rose are currently in labor with their first child. Aren’t you happy social media exists? Drop everything and get some ice chips.

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Wiz Khalifa Is Solo In “Tweak Is Heavy”

Wiz Khalifa‘s in the office. Solo. But he isn’t getting any work done. The visuals for “The Tweak Is Heavy” from his Cabin Fever 2 mixtape is pretty minimalist. It looks like Wiz in the basement of a cold building. There’s a phone and laptop on the bare desk, but those are merely props since they aren’t being used. Instead he partakes in the luxuries of champagne and cigar smoking. And peep the no shirt under the jacket steez. What’s that really about? Read more…


Wiz Khalifa, Fun. And Janelle Monae Keep It Electronic Dance Funky With Performances At MTV Movie Awards

Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards was all about, well, the movies. And the fashion, both (good and bad). But the musical performances deserve a nod of their own. The rock band Fun. performed their hit single “We Are Young” to what sounded like either a glitch in the sound system or struggling vocals. Almost screaming the lead hollered through his performance. Janelle Monae joined the band on stage in her signature black tuxedo accentuated with a black fedora and something still sounded a bit off with the sound of their performance. Nonetheless, we love Fun. and Janelle Monae as collaborators, just as much as we sing along to “We Are Young.” Read more…