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Marilyn Manson Definitely Doesn’t Do Drugs

marilynmanson.jpgRest easy, friends. Apparently there was some confusion over what was/wasn’t said by Marilyn Manson in a restaurant bathroom after a screening of his girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood’s new movie. Manson did NOT: ask for coke, ask for Adderral, or go into a stall with another person to take either of the substances illegally. Or so says a publicist for the film. But obviously we believe everything those publicists say. It’s their job!

Besides – Manson’s not into illegal drugs, he’s into illegal booze. The singer is now selling his own brand of absinthe, appropriately called Mansithe. Yes, apparently even with a clear, drug-free brain he couldn’t think of anything more creative to name his brand of the mysterious drink. Sexin’ up young ladies in blood will do that to you. [Image: Getty]

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