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Is She Really Going Out With Him? 20 Not-So-Hot Rock Stars With Outrageously Hot Girlfriends

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Guys date outside their league all the time, and our girlfriend would totally agree (rimshot). Perhaps this is simply because women are, generally speaking, much more emotionally intelligent dudes, and less apt to base a romantic partnership around something as superficial as looks. Ladies are drawn to more important  qualities like inner beauty of the soul…but in some cases, being an internationally renowned rock star helps a bit, too!

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Thursday: Justin Dishes on Ex-Love Britney

justintimberlake0920.jpgJustin Finally Blabs About Britney
On yesterday’s Oprah, JT reveals that he’ll always have love for the messed up star, but doesn’t know how she ended up in the rough spot she’s in today. How about millions of dollars and Cheetos? [Us Weekly]

Kate Moss Sucks at Fashion
The model went out on the town and came home so messed up that her dress was torn and reconstructed. She’s the British Britney – just with a better accent. [Mollygood]

Charlie Sheen Battles Ex for Kids
The actor and his ex Denise Richards just can’t control themselves when it comes to talking trash and filing legal complaints concerning their kids. For the sake of your children – shut the eff up. [DLsited]

Matt McConaughey Covers for Owen
The stable hunk is set to replace the less stable hunk in the movie “Tropic Thunder.” It’s so nice when bros got each others backs. [Variety]

Lindsay Lohan Penning Memoir?
LiLo may be hitting up the typewriter to detail all the crazy sh*t she’s done for your reading pleasure. Sounds like perfect beach bitch reading! [I’m Not Obsessed]

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Pete Doherty’s Cats are High on Crack

pete0822072.jpgYou know those moments when you see a pic of a celeb with like, a giant zit, and you think to yourself, “Hey, celebrities are regular people – just like me.” Well this is NOT one of those moments. Kate Moss’ crazy sometimes-boyfriend Pete Doherty is a notorious drug addict (crack, coke, heroin – the usual), and now it seems like he’s gotten his kitties hooked on the stuff too. After his cat Dinger (which is junkie slang for syringe, apparently) had a litter of five kittens, one ended up sick. A blood test done by the veterinarian turned up – what else?! – cocaine in the cat’s bloodstream. I know he’s probably desperate for some pals to get high with, but animal cruelty is not the answer. Though it is kind of fun to imagine Pete making tiny straws out of gum wrappers for his kitties to use for snortin’. [SeriouslyOMG/Getty]

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Kate Moss: Scared of Her Own Sex Tapes

Kate Moss and Pete DohertyKate Moss and her junkie ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty apparently made a bunch of sex tapes back when they were in love. Say it with me now: gross gross gross gross gross! Seriously, gross. There doesn’t seem to be anything appealing about a heroin addict and a coke-snorting model getting it on, but Kate is still worried the tapes could get sold and debut on a computer screen near you. A source reveals, “She has got rid of most of it. Six out of eight tapes have been destroyed. But she wanted to bury the lot before he could humiliate her by selling them or putting them on the internet…. And we all know what Pete can do when he?s desperate for a bob or two.?

Do we ever! Pete is “stick a needle in a random girl” nasty and loves his drugs – so much so that he’s reportedly headed back to rehab today. Kate really has nothing to worry about when it comes to the missing sex tapes, ‘cuz it’s doubtful anyone would want to endure a second of their sex life. Unless, of course, you’re a fan of bad teeth, greasy hair and dried up veins. Let’s hope she gets to them before Pete and his jonesin’, money-hungry fingers do! [Image: Getty]

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Diddy’ll Be Missing His Girlfriend, Kate & Pete Part 27

Didkim Diddy‘s living up to his bad boy moniker. After 10 years and three kids (most recently twins, born in December), Diddy and his model-actress girlfriend Kim Porter are calling it quits. The couple have been on-and-off throughout the course of their relationship. This time, though, Porter has purchased a home in Beverly Hills for her and her children, and isn’t coming back to Diddy’s New York digs.

Other occupants of the Heartbreak Hotel? Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. Seems that the couple (who were practically genetically engineered for one another) are on the outs, with Pete taking up with other models, Kate changing the locks and a moving van transporting Pete’s earthly goods to a quaint little trailer in West London.

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How Rich People Entertain Themselves

Brit "It" couple Pete Doherty and Kate Moss are back with another installment of their intermittent broadcast, playing the same song they did last time (wherein they declare "Sonny and Cher we ain’t." Indeed.), only this time dressed in military uniforms. The song’s actually pretty catchy, except for Kate laying on the expletives. In other Kate n’ Pete news, Pete "Never Met a Needle He Didn’t Like" Doherty will release his junkie diaries in the form of "Book of Albion," featuring the following prediction for the pair’s nuptials: "Smack and needle-free we shall marry in the summer and I become 10 times happier than any given smackhead. Huzzah!" The book will also include a love note from Kate: "You have touched my heart and soul you little f**ker . . . You make me high my sweet. My skin shivers and longs to be held by you." Hate to see what she puts in her kid’s lunchbox.


Dutch of the Penguins


No longer satisfied with ruining his own life with drugs, syringe-friendly rocker Pete Doherty has now subjected animals to his rigorous drug regimen. While visiting Cotswolds Wildlife Park with his sometime paramour Kate Moss, Doherty walked the grounds smoking a hand-rolled cigarette filled with an unknown substance. Sources told the Sun UK said Doherty was smoking marijuana and joking "about getting the penguins stoned."

After finishing with his portion, Doherty then flicked the remainder into the Humboldt penguin area, where it was quickly snapped up by one of the park’s residents. A source said that after the animal had ingested it, "it seemed very wobbly." Which is actually not at all dissimilar from how they actually move.