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Kanye West Seriously Overestimates The American Housewife’s Appetite For Motorcycle Sex With His “Bound2″ Video

Kanye West‘s largely antagonistic approach to getting the word out about his incredible new album, Yeezus, took a weird turn over the last few days. After largely ignoring the American media since his album’s June release, he appeared on the debut episode of inflammatory author Bret Easton Ellis’ new podcast on Monday and used the opportunity to espouse his guiding principle of being (and we quote) “super dedicated to awesomeness, and making things better.” Those are qualities the world could definitely use more of, which is why we were totally thrown off guard when we saw the video for “Bound2,” which is neither awesome nor something anyone would describe as “making things better.”

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North West Revealed, Plus 10 Things We Learned From Kanye West On Kris

It pays to be a part of the family. Kanye West, who will be performing at the 2013 Video Music Awards this weekend, adapted himself for the daytime television audience today–smiling, laughing, even altering his voice to a slightly higher-pitch as not to scare those who haven’t had their coffee yet–and puzzled all who enjoy the Sad Kanye meme or read his epic New York Times profile back in June. In his first television interview since becoming a father, Kanye joked around with his potential mother-in-law (“Please don’t call me soft as a rapper”) and fielded psychological analysis from the woman who has made a name and career for herself by putting her children in front of a camera. Read more…

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Why So Glum, Yeezy? The Curse Of KimYe Has Taken Its Toll


You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s something going on with Kanye West. Yes, the layers of stress from impending fatherhood and an upcoming album release might be wearing on him, but it appears as though his mood takes a particularly harsh nose-dive when he’s around his glowing significant other, Kim Kardashian.

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Famous Fails: 15 Celebs Who Tried to Sing…and Bombed

Eddie Murphy Kim Kardashian Bruce Willis

Imagine how invincible it must feel to be a movie star, top athlete, supermodel, or gazillionaire reality star (sigh, it is what it is) — you must think you can do anything, right? Next stop, rock star fabulosity! Thing is, a music career ain’t so easy to pull off — and these A-listers found out the hard way.

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