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Why Isn’t Nicki Minaj Happy With Her ESPN Cover Photo?

Nicki Minaj ESPN Magazine

We’ve seen what can unfold when bad magazine covers happen to beautiful people. But rarely do we get reactions from the stars themselves, whose bodies have been altered and airbrushed to unattainable perfection by strangers. Current cover girl Nicki Minaj took to her Instagram account on Thursday to call out ESPN magazine for retouching her image featured alongside Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant for the magazine’s music issue. Her take? “When retouching goes wrong.”

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Famous Fails: 15 Celebs Who Tried to Sing…and Bombed

Eddie Murphy Kim Kardashian Bruce Willis

Imagine how invincible it must feel to be a movie star, top athlete, supermodel, or gazillionaire reality star (sigh, it is what it is) — you must think you can do anything, right? Next stop, rock star fabulosity! Thing is, a music career ain’t so easy to pull off — and these A-listers found out the hard way.

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