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“Cherry Pie” Video Vixen Bobbie Brown Tells All In Sexy Rock Memoir

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The steamy clip for Warrant‘s “Cherry Pie” made everyone hungry back in 1990, and now video vixen Bobbie Brown is taking us for a wild ride through her star-filled rock ‘n’ roll past. Her new book “Dirty Rocker Boys” hits the shelves on November 26th, and she is not afraid to give the dirt on her (very) famous lovers!

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Look Out – Lusty Linds Is On the Prowl!


They say that addicts often replace one vice with another, and it appears Lindsay Lohan has dumped her drug lust for men. The “actress” is back on the club scene, and she was spotted on Tuesday night attempting to get someone – anyone – to pay attention to her. The starlet first attempted to get Entourage star Adrian Grenier to dance with her, but her moves were negged with his date showed up. She then made a beeline for notorious man-whore Leonardo DiCaprio, who was hanging with Grenier’s co-star Kevin Connelly. “She was very flirty with Leo,? said a fellow club-goer. ?But he wasn?t saying much to her.?

The guys bolted from the club and Lindsay was left alone with just her posse of girlfriends to grind with. But never fear, our heroine was seen drowning her woes in vodka and champagne. Maybe booze makes a better boyfriend? [NYDN]