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Angelina Jolie, Matthew McConaughey and More Stars Who Appeared In Music Videos Before They Were Famous


Music videos in the ’80s and ’90s were full of struggling thespians grateful for a bit part and a day’s work. But now some of those actors and actresses are MAJOR A-list stars in the Hollywood galaxy. In many cases they’re role is the most famous part of the video! From Oscar winners like Angelina Jolie and Benicio Del Toro, to TV king (and queen) pins like Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul and Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, music vids gave these folks their first big exposure to a mass audience. They might be a little embarrassed of these first steps , but for the rest of us they’re like adorable naked baby photos (you know what we mean), and acts as a fascinating glimpse into their early days. Read on for more!

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Thursday: Justin Dishes on Ex-Love Britney

justintimberlake0920.jpgJustin Finally Blabs About Britney
On yesterday’s Oprah, JT reveals that he’ll always have love for the messed up star, but doesn’t know how she ended up in the rough spot she’s in today. How about millions of dollars and Cheetos? [Us Weekly]

Kate Moss Sucks at Fashion
The model went out on the town and came home so messed up that her dress was torn and reconstructed. She’s the British Britney – just with a better accent. [Mollygood]

Charlie Sheen Battles Ex for Kids
The actor and his ex Denise Richards just can’t control themselves when it comes to talking trash and filing legal complaints concerning their kids. For the sake of your children – shut the eff up. [DLsited]

Matt McConaughey Covers for Owen
The stable hunk is set to replace the less stable hunk in the movie “Tropic Thunder.” It’s so nice when bros got each others backs. [Variety]

Lindsay Lohan Penning Memoir?
LiLo may be hitting up the typewriter to detail all the crazy sh*t she’s done for your reading pleasure. Sounds like perfect beach bitch reading! [I’m Not Obsessed]