“Smelly Cat,” Ross’ Sound And The 20 Most Memorable Musical Moments From Friends

No one ever told you life was going to be this way: that moment when you realize it’s been 20 years since Friends first aired.  You can still remember exactly where you were the first time you watched an episode. You have vivid memories of taking a photo of a young Jennifer Aniston to the hairdresser and asking for “The Rachel,” or adopting the phrase and precise intonation of Chandler’s catchphrase “Could this BE any more…” You remember when Joey’s “How you doin'” was the pick up line du jour, and hoped some day you and your siblings would be as tight as Monica and Ross. And you found yourself humming the tune of “Smelly Cat” on regular occasion. Actually, let’s face it, you still know all the lyrics. Read more…

by (@katespencer)

Wednesday: Christina’s Baby Boy Joy

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Is Lindsay?s Boyfriend Bashing Her Mom?
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Rosie?s Ready to Get Back on TV
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Mandy Moore Caught Kissing Friends Star
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