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Robin Thicke’s Wife-Wooing “Get Her Back” Video: Creepy Or Cute?

Robin Thicke needs a hug, you guys. Preferably from his estranged wife Paula Patton. The “Blurred Lines” singer has been pursuing his high school sweetheart with rom-com levels of determination since the pair split in February. He’s professed his undying love in the middle of concerts and sent her a whole field full of flowers on Valentine’s Day, but his new single “Get Her Back” takes things to a whole new level.

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Robin Thicke Isn’t Tied Up, But He’s Shirtless In “All Tied Up”

Robin Thicke knows how to make a true R&B song. With his new gig on ABC’s new show Duets we get to see his chemistry with his partners, and hear how The Beatles (who he thinks have the best duets of all time) has influenced his music. But for “All Tied Up,” the third single from his fifth album Love After War, he’s singing solo and beautifully. Thicke is giving R&B the much needed breath of revitalization it needs. And he has the chops (singing chops that is) to do it. Like the song–sultry, smooth, soulful–the video captures how the music makes you feel. Read more…