by (@katespencer)

Perez Hilton Dishes on Lindsay’s Bad Day

perezlindsay.jpgBad boy blogger Perez Hilton was able to spend a few minutes away from covering Lohanpalooza to chat with us about the latest booze-fueled car chase starring Lindsay herself. Here?s what everyone?s favorite guilty gossip pleasure had to say about this morning?s scandalous events.

VH1: You mentioned on your site that you?ve been emailing Linds some words of support. What kind of encouragement did you offer her?
Perez: I just emailed her this morning and said, ?What were you thinking? Big hug.? I have yet to hear from her.

VH1: It must be hard to cover the bad stuff when you?re rooting for her to do well.
Perez: On my site I don?t want to be mean for the sake of being mean. I spotlight celebrities when they?re behaving badly but also when they?re doing well. I?ve met Lindsay many times and I?ve encouraged her to do well because I want her to do well. I?ve tried to shed the spotlight over her in a positive way but it?s hard to do when she continuously self-sabotages herself, repeatedly.

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