Suge Knight Shot Multiple Times During Party Hosted By Chris Brown

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Death Row Records co-founder Marion “Suge” Knight was shot multiple times last night at an unofficial pre-VMA party hosted by Chris Brown and Pia Mia. According to the LA Times, Knight was one of three clubgoers who got┬ástruck by gunfire around 1:30 AM at 1 OAK in West, Hollywood. The authorities are still trying to track down who opened fire at the event. All three victims are expected to recover from their injuries.

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Suge Knight’s L.A. Ass Whooping


Hey look – Suge Knight is still around doing what he does best – getting into trouble. The former hip-hop mogul allegedly got his ass kicked outside a Los Angeles nightclub this weekend, after he charged at some duding screaming “I want my money!” Suge grabbed him in a headlock, but the guy slipped out and clocked the Death Row founder in the face. Apparently Knight was on the ground for three minutes before he could walk away from the scene and headed to the hospital with the LAPD. TMZ has pics of Suge covered in blood, taken right after sh*t went down. He later refused to press charges against the guy, but if I were the culprit I’d look out. Suge wants his money, and knowing him, he’ll get it. [NYDN]