by (@unclegrambo)

CONCERT REVIEW: Lisa Loeb Serves Up Some Nineties Realness At The Highline Ballroom


There are few Nineties-era music video moments more iconic than Lisa Loeb striding through an empty loft apartment, accompanied by no one other than her cat, wearing all black and her trademark cat eye frames, pleading with the camera to “Stay.” That song, which was prominently featured over the end credits of the Generation X touchstone Reality Bites, and that video (directed by Ethan Hawke!) “allowed me to go all over the world,” Loeb explained to a sold-out audience at Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom this past Wednesday, March 20. Though she’ll likely never have a song that eclipses the success of “Stay,” the fact that she can still sell out sizable concert venues nearly 20 years later means that she is most certainly not saddled with the stigma of being a one-hit wonder.

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