Good Music on Free Radio!


Lance and Anna rock the house on VH1’s Free Radio – music is a key part of the show. Tonight, in the season premiere, The Blue Van‘s “There Goes My Love” is featured. And of course, each week you can hear Billy Boy On Poison‘s? “Dirty Bomb” kick-start the whole thing – it’s the Free Radio theme. Click the links to find out more about each act. Watch the show tonight at 11 pm ET.

Throughout the season, there’s going to be several cool artists featured as part of the show’s soundtrack. Each week we’ll bring you up to speed on each of ‘em.

Watch a full episode sneak peek of the Free Radio premiere

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Free Radio: Lance Takes On Dr. Drew

Sober House airs its finale tonight (get a sneak right here). But it looks like Dr. Drew isn’t the biggest fan of Lance, the self-proclaimed “Moron in the Morning,” from VH1’s Free Radio. Check the clip above to get a taste of our comedy. It’s second season premieres on Thursday, April 2.

Our improvised comedy reveals the cluckish side of “celebrity, mediocrity, and talk radio,” pulling back the curtain on the dynamics of the studio, and revealing a “glorious train wreck of botched celebrity interviews, on-air tantrums and generally lovable buffoonery.”

Watch a full episode of Free Radio from last season, with Lance working with an office temp.