VH1 Profiles Woodstock’s 40th Anniversary

We’ve examined the impact of the sexual revolution, and turned it up to 11 with an investigation into heavy metal. We’ve also checked out the toll taken by The Drug Years. VH1’s Rock Doc series burrows into pop culture subjects and creates fun, insightful portraits. Up next? Our take on the women of L.A.’s infamous Sunset Strip (the premiere is April 4). And we’re also turning the cameras towards Woodstock; the iconic rock festival celebrates its 40th anniversary this August.

“Now, 40 years after that historic moment, VH1 Rock Docs and History have joined forces for a unique television collaboration:? the definitive two-hour documentary, ?Woodstock: 40 Years Later? (working title), which will premiere this August on VH1, History and VH1 Classic.? Directed by two-time Academy Award winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple and Executive Produced by Michael Lang, the original festival organizer, the film examines Woodstock from the perspectives of not only the musicians who graced the stage, but the fans who gathered in mass, the concert promoters who risked everything and countless others whose unique experiences help paint a tapestry of Woodstock that hasn?t been seen in recent years”

If you’ve got video footage or great first-hand stories about the concert, we want to speak with you. Contact the producers.

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