Lil Wayne Says Tha Carter IV Delays Are Due To “Terrible” Beats

The July/August 2011 issue of XXL comes out next week, but some newsstands have broken street date, giving us a peek at the Lil Wayne cover story by Shaheim Reid. In the magazine’s own preview of the story last month, Lil Wayne quipped that without an external deadline, his albums would never be done: “When [manager Cortez Bryant] call me and tell me and say, ‘You got such and such date is your deadline to stop,’ I be like, ‘Aight.’ ‘Cause I never stop recording, obviously. So it?s just on him to say, ‘Okay, stop. We?re gonna pick these songs, and that?s the album.’ That?s how we do it.”

A quote that surfaced today clarifies the issue:Tha Carter IV is being held up not by Weezy’s lack of a deadline, but by quality control. “I just don?t have the record. These n****s’ beats been sucking. I?m putting it out there: you producing, what y’all doing? Get right, man. Step it up. This is coming from a rapper. One of the best rappers. I ain?t saying I’m the best no more; because these n****s is too good these days. I got old. But damn, y’all n****s’ beats is terrible! [Chad Ochocinco walks into the room] These n****s’ beats sound like Ochocinco made them.”

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