Ghouls, Freaks, Zombies, and Blood

If you’re looking to get your Halloween on, there’s nothing but options ’round here. Above find Chris Brown doing his vampire thing. It comes from a playlist of fun music videos that walk on the ghastly side. Don’t forget to study that Tool clip.

Right here you can see if your favorite bloody demise made it to our list of Gruesome Horror Movie Deaths.

Have you heard about America’s Next Top Zombie Idol? Yes, even the undead enjoy a nice reality competition once in a while. Watch clips from our Web show right here.

Speaking of competitions, there’s a race for a spot in Saw VI, and the ladies participating in our Scream Queens show are all pretty good at displaying their erotic spin on terror. Don’t forget Saw V.

You can can’t have a fight flick without a sexy teen in danger. Here’s our photo gallery of Horror Hotties.

And do you know what the 50 Scariest Horror Films of All Time actually are? Check our list to see if we’re right.

Rhapsody has got lots of horror movie music for you to download or stream as well.