by (@zaragolden)

Watch Now: Carrie Underwood Goes VH1 Unplugged

If it’s starting to seem like we’ve got a thing for Carrie Underwood — well, we do. The girl can sing, and she truly blew us all away when she went VH1 Unplugged. Her set included allĀ  (“Good Girl,” “Blown Away”) and the favorites (“Do You Think About Me,” “Before He Cheats”), lot’s of attitude and of course that voice. We’ve already shared a sneak peek session by way of her tremendous cover of Coldplay‘s “Fix You” and these behind-the-scenes pictures snapped while she was here in NYC back in August. Today, we bring you the rest: watch the full episode online here, and then tune-in to VH1 tonight at 7PM to watch the show on air!

“Before He Cheats” is a sleek, slinky thing on record, with guitar riffs cutting sharp and drums crashing in warning. Carrie doesn’t need all that to say “not on me,” though, as she so proved when she played her bold hit stripped down for Unplugged. Looking a tiny bit rock in her little black dress and a lot country with her blonde mane blown out big, Carrie went in with only a trill of violin and an twang of guitar behind her. Really all this song needs is her voice, strong and kicking when she generously suggests “to think next time before you cheat.” It’s these chops that helped her win American Idol, and that have kept her winning in all the years since.

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