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George Ezra Feels “Lucky” To Have Opened For Sam Smith

George Ezra opened for YOK big brother Sam Smith at Madison Square Garden in January. As Ezra told host Ellie Lee, he felt “lucky to be there,” and unlike how most of us would have felt, Ezra “wasn’t nervous.” Get to know Ezra through GIFs in the video, and find out what exactly he means by “keep your pecker up.”
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EXCLUSIVE: Watch YOK Artist George Ezra Perform “Budapest” Live In NYC For The First Time!

This month’s You Ought Know artist George Ezra has been blowing up thanks to his sultry voice, passionate lyrics, and catchy track “Budapest.” You’ve heard it on the radio, but now we’re please to bring you an exclusive video of the singer/songwriter performing his hit in New York City for the very first time! If he can make it there, he can make it anywhere, right?

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Meet The Woman Who Taught Sam Smith How To Sing

Sam Smith Joanna Eden
He first came on the U.K. music scene in 2012, singing on Disclosure‘s breakout single “Latch,” but English singer Sam Smith‘s ascension to the top of the U.S. charts was one of the most exciting musical stories of last year. The VH1 You Oughta Know artist’s No. 1 single “Stay With Me” was a defining song of 2014, and he has been nominated for six Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist and both Song and Record of The Year. He’s built up a huge following thanks to his understated yet powerful songwriting, and his tender, emotional vocals, which can soar from baritone to tenor for dramatic effect. Behind every great musician is usually a great teacher, and while Smith showed promise as a singer at an early age, it was under the tutelage of English jazz vocalist Joanna Eden that he matured into the artist we know today. Read more…

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George Ezra Launches His You Oughta Know Campaign By Making Us All Swoon In 60 Seconds

We gave our newest You Oughta Know artist George Ezra the greatest test of all: the VH1 Stop/Watch Challenge. And he nailed it! We get all we really need in this stripped down version of his song “Budapest.” George Ezra has no need to get fancy with his performance, just a simple guitar and his sultry voice.

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