Imitation Leather: The Most Hilarious Classic Rock Tribute Band Names Ever

No word on how they sound, but these tribute acts get an A+ in the name department.

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and we really have to hand it to these folks who make a living performing the songs of their favorite artists. They’ve learned the parts, totally nailed the voice, got the gestures down, and even whipped up a cool costume. But even the best rock doppelgangers need one crucial thing: a killer name! It’s gotta be funny, punny, and a tribute to their heroes. If you’ve got that, you’ve got it made.

Tribute acts have been making their rounds on the bar/restaurant/Holiday Inn lounge circuit since the first Elvis Presley impersonators hit Vegas back in the ’70s. Now it’s evolved into a full time gig, crossing eras and genres! Of course, some of the most memorable are a variation a theme. Who could forget the country-fied version of AC/DC called Hayseed Dixie (say it out loud), not to mention the all-female AC-DShee? Or the Australian ABBA band, Abbariginal? Or punk fans from south of the border, Mex Pistols? No word on how they sound, but head up to the gallery above for tribute acts who get an A+ in the name department.

  • 1
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    Band: ABBA

    Tribute Bands: Still Bjorn, Bjorn Again

  • 2
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    Band: AC/DC

    Tribute Bands: AB/CD, Hell’s Belles, AC/Dshe, and a country band called Hayseed Dixie

  • 3
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    Band: Arctic Monkeys

    Tribute Band: Antarctic Monkeys

  • 4
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    Band: Black Sabbath

    Tribute Band: Blackest Sabbath

  • 5
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    Band: Def Leppard

    Tribute Band: Deft Leppard

  • 6
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Cheap Trick

    Tribute Band: The all-female group Cheap Chick

  • 7
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Bon Jovi Tribute Band: By Jovi, Non Jovi

  • 8
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Dixie Chicks

    Tribute Band: Chicks with Dixies

  • 9
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Earth, Wind and Fire

    Tribute Band: Earth, Wind, For Hire

  • 10
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Fleetwood Mac

    Tribute Band: Fleetwood Mock

  • 11
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Artists: Elvis Presley

    Tribute Band: El-Vez: The Mexican Elvis

  • 12
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band:The Foo Fighters

    Tribute Band: The Food Fighters

  • 13
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: The Go Go’s

    Tribute Band: An all-male group, We Got The Meat

  • 14
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    Band: Iron Maiden

    Tribute Band: High On Maiden

  • 15
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    Band: KISS

    Tribute Band: Mini Kiss

  • 16
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: The Modern Lovers

    Tribute Band: The Post-Modern Lovers

  • 17
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Judas Priest

    Tribute Band: Nudist Priest

  • 18
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Kaiser Chiefs

    Tribute Band: Kaiser Thiefs

  • 19
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Misfits

    Tribute Band: Misfats

  • 20
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Metallica

    Tribute Bands: Mentallica, Metal Licker

  • 21
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Artist: Madonna

    Tribute Band: A guy who goes by Mandonna

  • 22
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Led Zeppelin

    Tribute Band: A group of women called Lez Zeppelin

  • 23
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Poison

    Tribute Band: Posin’

  • 24
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Oasis

    Tribute Bands: No Way Sis, Oasisn’t

  • 25
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Nirvana

    Tribute Band: Nearvana

  • 26
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Motorhead

    Tribute Bands: Motorheadache, Lemmy’s Wart

  • 27
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Queen

    Tribute Band: Kween

  • 28
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Rage Against the Machine

    Tribute Band: Rage Against the Coffee Maker

  • 29
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: RATT

    Tribute Band: A group of overweight men who call themselves FATT

  • 30
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Tribute Band: Red Hot Chili Pipers

  • 31
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Steely Dan

    Tribute Band: Stealing Dan

  • 32
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band:The Rolling Stones

    Tribute Band: The Rolling Stoned, The Rolling Clones

  • 33
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: R.E.M.

    Tribute Band: Are We Them

  • 34
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Artist: Tom Petty

    Tribute Band: Petty Theft

  • 35
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: The Beatles

    Tribute Band: The Dung Beatles

  • 36
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    Band: The Doors

    Tribute Band: The Back Doors

  • 37
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: U2

    Tribute Band: U2-2

  • 38
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Sex Pistols

    Tribute Band: A group from Mexico who call themselves The Mex Pistols

  • 39
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    Band: Velvet Underground

    Tribute Band: Velvet Underpants

  • 40
    [Photo: Getty Images]
    Band: Yes

    Tribute Band: No

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