The 11 Hottest Singers Who Can’t Really Sing

The face? On point. The voice? Meh, needs some work.
  • 1 Selena Gomez
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    Gomez is gorgeous with super catchy songs and a few decent films under her belt. However, her vocal chops are very weak. No matter how hard she tries, the “Come & Get It” singer always sounds just a tad-off key. (We still love her, though.) [/item
  • 2 Britney Spears
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    Yes, she’s iconic/flawless/queen. But let’s call a spade a spade: Spears cannot sing anymore. (And, no, don’t pull up videos from the ’90s to prove us wrong.) While BritBrit’s Vegas residency is a visual feast, it’s almost 100 percent lip-synced. But when you have a legacy like her’s, who needs live vocals? [/item
  • 3 Chris Brown
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    Brown is a fantastic performer with dance skills that will knock your socks off. His vocals, on the other hand, are just blah. Sure, he can carry a tune, but is that really saying much? (No.) There’s a reason why he lip-syncs during a lot of his performances. [/item
  • 4 Lana Del Rey
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    Stunning, yes, but can’t sing for crap. Need proof? Watch this Saturday Night Live performance from 2012. Or, better yet, don’t. [/item
  • 5 Rihanna
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    We adore RiRi, obviously, and we are beyond pumped for #R8. But pure vocal prowess has never been her strongest suit. Sure, she has a few fine live performances — stans are pulling up “Stay” as we speak — but let’s keep it real, shall we? She has more cringe-worthy singing moments than good ones. [/item
  • 6 Taio Cruz
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    He’s gorgeous and “Dynamite” is forever our jam. But — Jesus — how much Auto-Tune do they use on him? [/item
  • 7 Katy Perry
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    Yes, she’s definitely gotten better and her Super Bowl Halftime Show sounded good. Even still, Perry hasn’t quite hit “awesome vocalist” status. Don’t kill us for saying it. [/item
  • 8 Jason Derulo
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    His abs are fantastic. Actually, every inch of his body is perfection. The only thing meh about Derulo is his flat voice. Just mime forever, bb. We won’t mind.
  • 9 Cassie
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    Cassie’s Instagram is proof the girl has a hot body. Sadly, her voice — as seen here, awkwardly — is cold. [/item
  • 10 Ashlee Simpson
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    Simpson’s face is beautiful, but her 2004 Saturday Night Live performance taught us her voice is not. Eek. [/item
  • 11 Avril Lavigne
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    Lavigne is stunning, and her style has improved over the years. So, why can’t her voice do the same? Like Gomez, Lavigne’s vocals are shaky at best. [/item