Where Are They Now: The Ladies Of Rock Of Love

Check out what all of the Rock of Love women are up to now.
  • 1 Heather Chadwell
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love, I Love Money and Rock Of Love Charm School. Heather lives in infamy as a cast member of every season of the Rock of Love franchise. [Photo: VH1]

  • 2 Heather Chadwell
    Now: After her stint on VH1, Heather scored some acting roles on Californication and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. As of 2014, she lives back in her hometown of Ohio and is a realtor. [Photo: Facebook]

  • 3 Marcia Brazil
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love Bus and Rock Of Love: Charm School. Marcia is well known for puking, eating Doritos and then kissing Bret. [Photo: VH1]

  • 4 Marcia Brazil
    Now: Marcia keeps a fairly low profile but still finds time for her own shoe line VanZant Shoes. She’s now married with a baby boy. [Photo: Facebook]

  • 5 Angelique “Frenchy Morgan”
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love, Rock Of Love: Charm School and I Love Money. She’s remembered for being French and her large breasts. [Photo: VH1]

  • 6 Angelique “Frenchy Morgan”
    Now: Angelique still lives in California. She’s takes a lot of makeup free selfies, wears pink often and is a vegetarian. Angelique is an animal rights activist. [Photo: Instagram]

  • 7 Angelique “Frenchy Morgan”
    …And Tweets pictures of bedazzled boots! [Photo: Twitter]

  • 8 Brandi Cunningham
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love, I Love Money and Rock Of Love Charm School. [Photo: VH1]

  • 9 Brandi Cunningham
    Now: In 2009 Brandi said she was engaged and living in Florida. Her social media presence suggests she lives on the East Coast, hang sout with Chris Crocker a lot and attends Tampa’s Comic Con. [Photo: Instagram]

  • 10 Destiney Sue Moore
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love, I Love Money and Rock Of Love: Charm School. [Photo: VH1]

  • 11 Destiney Sue Moore
    Now: Destiney now has a son and according to her Facebook she just got engaged. She runs her own clothing line called Divination. She posed nude for the September 2011 issue of Hustler. [Photo: Facebook]

  • 12 Daisy Delahoya
    Then: A contestant on Rock of Love. Daisy got her own spinoff Daisy Of Love. [Photo: VH1]

  • 13 Daisy Delahoya
    Now: Daisy lives in Los Angeles and was studying acting and starting a band as of 2009. She currently performs with the band Black Star Electra who are in negotiations for an independent contract. [Photo: Facebook]

  • 14 Mindy Hall
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love Bus and a winner of I Love Money. She’s well remembered for being the MVP of Mud Bowl. [Photo: VH1]

  • 15 Mindy Hall
    Now: Mindy maintains a personal website she rarely updates. She Instagrams pictures of mostly animals… [Photo: Instagram]

  • 16
    Like from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. [Photo: Instagram]

  • 17 Cindy Rodeo Steedle
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love, Rock Of Love: Charm School and I Love Money. [Photo: VH1]

  • 18 Cindy Rodeo Steedle
    Now: Rodeo’s Twitter bio lists her as many things including “celebrity trainer.” Steedle is back in Georgia and raising her son. She is a personal trainer, fitness guru and owns her own production company. [Photo: Facebook]

  • 19 Taya Parker
    Then: The winner of Rock Of Love Bus remembered for falling off the stage. [Photo: VH1]

  • 20 Taya Parker
    Now: Taya was Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2009. Since then she continues to model, perform burlesque… [Photo: Twitter]

  • 21
    And dress like Batman villain Poison Ivy. [Photo: Instagram]

  • 22 Lacey Conner
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love and Rock Of Love: Charm School. She was known to start fights. [Photo: VH1]

  • 23 Lacey Conner
    Now: Lacey Conner-Sculls is now the lead singer of the band HALO. She is happily married and an animal rights activist. [Photo: Lacey Conner-Sculls]

  • 24 Farrah Sinclair
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love Bus well known for always being drunk and being besties with Ashley. [Photo: VH1]

  • 25 Farrah Sinclair
    Now: Farrah and Ashley spent a period of time working at Gentleman’s Clubs in Vegas. According to her Facebook, Farrah now calls herself a comedian. She is single and living back in Kentucky. [Photo: Facebook]

  • 26 Ashley Klarich
    Then: A contestant on Rock Of Love, she was often drunk, especially when with Farrah on the bus. As of 2009, she and Farrah were living and stripping in Las Vegas. [Photo: VH1]

  • 27 Ashley Klarich
    Now: Now married with children, Ashley Condosta, seems to have mostly fallen off the radar aside from pictures appearing on her Instagram of her getting plastic surgery. [Photo: Instagram]

  • 28
    KISS, KISS! KEEP IN TOUCH LADIES. [Photo: Instagram]

Once upon a time, Poison frontman Bret Michaels was looking for love in the Celebreality world. Who could forget the days of Rock Of Love and its spinoffs Rock Of Love: Charm School and I Love Money. Between the flying plates and punches being thrown – the drama made Love & Hip Hop Atlanta look like Masterpiece Theatre. In the years that have passed the ladies have all but disappeared from the pop culture landscape. From Daisy Delahoya to Rodeo, we were on a mission to find out what all our favorite Rock of Love contestants lives looked like now.

VH1 was fortunate enough to have a chat with the always memorable Heather Chadwell about her time on Rock Of Love, if she still has that tattoo and what maybe lost her, her own “Of Love” show. Check out what the blonde bombshell had to say and click through our gallery to see what the gals look like and are up to in 2014.

On Where She Is Today
“I am back in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio and I live with my boyfriend downtown and I am a realtor. I just wanted to come home and decompress – hit the restart button. I had been gone for a decade and wanted to be closer to my family and friends. I just needed a break from the fast-paced lifestyle of [Vegas and Los Angeles].”

On The Last Time She “Saw” Bret Michaels
“I’ll actually see him this Saturday, his band will be here playing. I don’t know if we’re going to chat. You know, he doesn’t seem to remember us girls that much anymore. [Laughs]”

On That Infamous Tattoo
“I literally went to get it covered up but I don’t know what to put over it. People are having a tough time coming up with what to put over it to really cover up the “Bret.” The only thing I can think of now is my wiener dog. But do I really wanna have a wiener on my neck?”

On The Girls From Rock Of Love
“I follow some of the girls on Instagram but I don’t really hang out with anybody from the shows. I really love Frenchy. She’s always been a really consistent person – she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t do drugs, she’s not dramatic. I chat with Mindy some times – she’s a Midwest girl – a real good person.”

Regrets? It Could Have Been Heather Of Love
“Yeah, I do have regrets. I know everyone says, ‘I don’t have any regrets,’ but how do you know not to act like that again or not to let someone like that in your life. Throwing plates and getting in fights – it’s all great TV but I regret the whole fight with Daisy. I had a developmental deal for my own show and I think that really…I mean, they gave it to her instead. So I regret that fight because I think it cost me my own show.”

Who do you miss most from Rock Of Love? Let us know in the comments!