That Metal Show Sneak With Guests Mark Slaughter, Taime Downe, Andy Biersack + Mike Orlando

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  • 1 Mike Orlando.

  • 2 Mark Slaughter.

  • 3 Jennifer Gottlieb.

  • 4 Taime Downe.

  • 5 Andy Biersack.

  • 6 Don Jamieson.

  • 7 Jim Florentine.

  • 8 Jim Florentine, Eddie Trunk, and Don Jamieson have a little fun in the TMS Photo Booth.

  • 9 Eddie Trunk.

  • 10 Mike Orlando plays for the crowd.

  • 11 The guys discuss Bill Ward and Ozzy Ozbourne during Take it or Leave it.
    Netal Patel

  • 12 Don Jamieson on set.

  • 13 Slaughter talks about his voiceover work and does a few impressions that entertain Taime.
    Neha Patel

  • 14 Andy Biersack talks about what it’s like to be in a young band.

  • 15 Taime Downe hates flying.

  • 16 Mark Slaughter channels Oprah and gives everyone in the audience a copy of his new album.
    Neha Patel

  • 17 Taime has a lot of vices to share on Put it on the Table.

  • 18 Eddie gets riled up during Stump the Trunk.

  • 19 It was a hard week for Eddie.

  • 20 Mike Orlando puts on a show for the audience.

  • 21 K.K. Downing joins the conversation via the Metal Modem.

  • 22 Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson, Taime Downe, Eddie Trunk, Andy Biersack, Mike Orlando, and Mark Slaughter.

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