Black Ink Crew Episode 8 First Look: Ceaser Meets The Parents

It’s tough enough to meet your girlfriend’s parents, but when the parents in question are a strict Southern mama and a dad built like a linebacker, it’s even more intimidating. Ceaser has it under control though in this week’s Black Ink Crew sneak peek.

It might seem fast for Ceaser to meet Dutchess’ family, but she explains that she wants their input in order to decide if Cease is someone she should be investing her time and energy into. The interrogation begins immediately and it’s surprising it doesn’t actually take place in a dark room with a single light bulb. After chatting with the family though, Cease learns that Dutchess thinks he’s “the one.” Most guys would be flattered or surprised but not Cease. His reaction? “Oh, yeah? What else?”

Black Ink Crew airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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