Clowns, Middlemen And Impostors: Read What The Mob Wives Are Tweeting About Last Night’s Episode

It’s nice to finally see most of the cast of Mob Wives getting along! On this week’s episode, we get a group bowling outing, a spa day, and lots of drinks out with the girls, and it’s shocking to see how well Drita, Ramona, Karen, Renee, Love, and Big Ang get along these days. We kinda love it. Of course lately, the drama has been between Carla and the rest of her co-stars, but it wouldn’t be Mob Wives without some tension. Last night we were following along as the ladies tweeted about the show to see what they thought of the episode. Big Ang’s comments were hilarious as always, but the drama between Carla and Love? Oh yeah, it’s still there.

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