Love And Hip Hop – Episode 9 – $1000 A Bundle

Olivia’s back! Rich hasn’t seen her in a while so he stops by to let her know she was right about everything. “You’ve been acting like a freaking moron,” she tells him. Olivia wants to understand why he’d mess around with Erica in the first place. “But why would you want to f— with somebody like that? You want to run around with somebody who’s running the streets with everybody like it’s cool for you.” Liv is going in!

“I also know that you’re an a–hole and you think with your d— a lot,” she adds. Rich just wants her to stop talking although he knows she’s right. “What you want me to say? I got caught slipping?” That’s exactly what she wants. “You’re right, I’m wrong…I’m back. I’m sorry,” he tells her. The “Where Did I Go?” record he gave to Erica was the song he wanted to give Liv but she didn’t want it. Now Liv wants the song back to spite Erica. “How ’bout I’m take that f—– record back and I’m gonna do it.” Rich knows this will be trouble.

Tahiry, Jen and Rashidah meet up to gossip. “And this year, some kind of way, Raqi made the list,” said Rashidah. Besides the obvious shade she’s throwing she’s referring to a women in power list that she doesn’t understand how Raqi made. “Really? Did she now. I wonder now, how’d she get on that list,” Jen said sarcastically. The last time the girls saw Jen she was actually with Raqi so they’re wondering what could’ve happened. After telling the girls why she and Raqi are no longer friends she uses this time to divulge to Rashidah all the things Raqi said. “I’m disgusted, but I’m not totally shocked because she’s a low quality human being,” said Rashidah. Tahiry lets them know she tried to warn them. “And now Raqi will get a little dose of Rah and my dose is a whole lot heavier than anything she could possibly imagine.”

Consequence found Lore’l online and since he’s digging her music he proposed they do a record together. There’s a line he wrote for the song though that isn’t rocking with Lore’l. “So what about your verse in there with, you know, with you offending everybody? You know what I’m talking about homie. Light skin the right skin.” Lore’l knows if it’s stated in the wrong context it will cause a major sh*tstorm. Consequence doesn’t see the problem because she’s light skinned. “I don’t have to be brown skinned to still be offended,” she reminds him. “Yeah you do,” he responds. Oh, brother. Consequence then drops a line for the brown skinned women, but that’s not in the original version. He claims he’ll add it on the remix. Lore’l, go with your gut. This will not end well in the world of blogs and social media.

Yandy’s not here for women approaching her at business events about Mendeecees. “Why am I at a business event and somebody’s approaching me about you?” she asked him. Yandy’s tired of his past being brought up to her. Mendeecees takes it lightly saying it’s just people that see them happy who want to tear him down. Yandy doesn’t care. “These not my bitches. I can’t control these bitches. I don’t f— with these bitches. It’s bitches from the past,” he said. That was a lot of “bitches” bombs he dropped. His solution is for Yandy to stop paying it so much attention. The conversation then turns to babies and marriage making everything all right.

Rich doesn’t want to hurt Erica so he talks to his mom about giving the record to Liv. “I don’t agree Olivia should do it. I think you should go ahead and let Erica do that record. She’s wild, people love a cartoon. That can bring money to your pocket.” Mom dukes is hoot! She called that chile a cartoon. Mom does her research on Bossip and MediaTakeout on what’s the latest happenings on Erica. “I have my little spreadsheet.” We love her! “So you been creating a little Erica hate list?” Rich asks. “No, it’s not an Erica hate list. It’s a Richard save list.” Mama Dollaz has her son’s back. That’s love. And just like a mom she tells him this stuff is killing him, he’s lost a lot of weight and he looks a mess.

Raqi and Rashidah are all dolled up for a classy charity event full of women dressed to the T. Rah approaches Raqi about the he/say she say, and we have to say, Rah has the worst timing ever. Time and place for everything. Rashidah’s voice does not go over a whisper at first. She explains that she’s trying to rebuild her name that’s been tarnished and is hearing Raqi’s throwing dirt on it. “My fact checks on you have been nothing but suspect,” Raqi said. “Cut the smart girl s—. ’Cause if you was twice as smart you’d still be stupid,” Rah replied. The conversation goes from 0 to 60 in less than a minute. “You call yourself hip-hop’s confidante. You’re hip-hop’s whore,” Rashidah said. No one from the charity event comes to calm the ladies down. “I don’t f— for fees, you do,” Raqi fires back. “What do you have a credit card scrap between your a–hole and your co*chie?” Raqi continues. Rah tells Raqi she’s trying to show her how to do this, hun. Like Hov said. It gets uglier and uglier. “You carry yourself like you were raised at a brothel,” Rashidah fires off. When Raqi takes shots at the weave Rashidah lets her know, “This is a thousand dollars a bundle, bitch.” It always resorts to the weave.

“Why the f— you felt the need to go play Joe my record?” Cisco, the producer of Tahiry’s “Devil” track asks. Cisco tells her she should’ve known he wasn’t going to be happy for her, and she doesn’t need to be seeing him anyway. “At the end of the day, f— him. You got a chance now to be bigger than Joe ever was.” As long as Tahiry focuses on the music, not Joe, Cisco’s ready to take her to the top.

Lore’l thinks maybe she’s overreacting about Consequence’s lyric so why not ask Raqi who has a longstanding beef with Consequence and she’s brown skinned. “Music is subjective, but that’s a bit much coming from a brother,” Raqi advises. Perfect timing for Raqi to tell Lore’l about the Jen beef. “I can’t believe she said no bulls— like that,” Lore’l replies. “She’s his white nubian queen,” Raqi said. Lore’l’s not feeling the lyric so if he doesn’t change it she’s chucking the deuces.

“I think I messed up though a little bit,” Erica said to Yandy. Yandy is the counselor this season. When Erica beats around the bush to finally tell Yandy the real issue is the booking she took behind his back Yandy wants to know, “Did he get his cut?” When Erica says no she knew right then there was a problem. Yandy lets her know she was dead wrong. “He probably feels like he can’t trust you if you’re going behind his back taking bookings,” Yandy said. Erica thinks she can have Rich as her man and manger but doesn’t know how to fix it. “Go talk to your man, go get your manager back,” Yandy advises. “Ride out til the wheels fall off.” Erica’s all about that life.

Joe shows up to Tahiry’s video shoot. Cisco intervenes to let Joe know that he doesn’t want their back and forth to come between what he’s trying to do for Tahiry’s career. Joe wants to make a peace offering with Tahiry. “You want to come you just want to blow my cool because that’s what you do. Like I mess with you and work and your bitch. I don’t never mess with you and ’nem,” she said. Joe claims he’s there to support Tahiry, but she’s a little tired of it. “I’ll support you even from afar if that’s what you’d like,” he said. “My friends think I’m crazy, everybody thinks I’m crazy, show and prove. If not, go away.” she replies.

Lore’l asks Cons one more time to take the line out. Consequence doesn’t think there’s a problem with the lyric at all. “When you live the life I live you can say some of the stuff I say,” Consequence said. Lore’l is fighting a losing battle as she tries to explain to him his brown skin fans may be offended. Cons couldn’t care less, he thinks the line makes for good controversy. “If you don’t invoke thought then you lost. This is rap,” he said. Well, that’s the end of their short lived would’ve been record. Kudos to Lore’l for standing her ground.

Olivia recorded the much talked about song after Rich felt he owed it to her. While playing it for him Erica walks in looking like a bomb just went off. “I’m definitely not gonna be having this conversation with this thing here,” she says referring to Olivia. “So then walk the f— out,” Liv tells her. Erica’s definitely hurt. “You don’t deserve the record,” he tells Erica. Erica is turnt up on a million. Her yelling turns to tears back to screams. “I’m sorry that I’m not like your other clients where I sit around and wait for you to do all my f—- work for me,” she says obviously throwing shade at Olivia. Rich tells her it’s her own fault for not signing the contract, and that he’s done enough for her. Erica goes off about her struggles. When Rich tries to stop her she says, “No you’re gonna f—- listen to me now.” “I’mma get me a song and I’mma be on the radio sooner or later with or without you.” When the love gets tarnished because of the hip-hop.

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