The Joe Vs. Consequence Fight Continues After The Reunion

Yesterday we had a front row seat to the sucker punch Consequence delivered upon Joe’s head when his back was turned at the Love and Hip Hop reunion taping. Fortunately brolic security guards grabbed the guys before they could hurt each other, and before we became innocent bystanders of the melee.

There’s not much fighting that can occur when a zillion security guards whose sole purpose is to not let violence escalate are standing around waiting for something to pop off. But after the show’s over it’s a different story. A video has surfaced of Joe’s homies jumping Consequence outside of the taping studio. Security broke the fight up, but not before Consequence took a few hits. Jen was by his side in the van screaming hysterically. “I’m calling the cops on you you f—-g p—y.” Cons was seen laughing as he tried to get away from security. After round two Joe tweeted:

Consequence responded with a few tweets of his own.

One thing for sure, Jen is no Tahiry. She was not going to snuff any guy for her man, even when he’s getting jumped. Stay tuned for more Love and Hip Hop reunion coverage.

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