Tahiry Talks Snuffing Consequence And Her Relationship With Joe On The Breakfast Club

Tahiry wants everyone to know she’s about that life. Consequence learned that at Tuesday’s Love and Hip Hop reunion when he went to punch Joe in the head and caught a 1-2 combo from Tahiry.

Tahiry called in to 105.1’s Breakfast Club to talk about the fight that shocked some while confusing others. “I reacted. It’s human nature.” Consequence tweeted that Tahiry hits harder than Joe and his boys. Tahiry thought Consequence was one of her female castmates, which is why she reacted so quickly. “I expected that from a woman.” Well, now everyone knows, don’t mess with Tahiry’s boo. And on whether he’s her boo or not she said, “Don’t believe everything you read.” Stay tuned to find out if Tahiry and Joe are going to make their roller coaster love official.

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