K.Michelle’s Twitter War With Castmate Kirk

Who knew the popular Throwback Thursday (#TBT) theme on Instagram could lead to beef? K.Michelle found herself exchanging words, tweets rather, with her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta castmate Kirk after he posted a picture with an insinuating caption on his Instagram page.

Early this morning Kirk posted this picture:

The caption insinuates K.Michelle liked Rasheeda in a romantic way, hence the “wanted the box” comment. K.Michelle got word and took to Twitter to respond. Her tweets accuse Kirk of being on the down low and drumming up unnecessary conflicts to have a storyline for the upcoming season. From the outside looking in it appears K.Michelle didn’t start this battle, but she was prepared for war. For 12 days watch full episodes of the first season as we countdown to season two’s premiere on April 22nd.

The Instagram that started it all.

K’s responses.

[Photos: Instagram]